I'm Just Going to Say It: Owen Needs to Leave 'Grey's Anatomy'

owen hunt needs to leave grey's anatomy
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Sorry not sorry, but Owen Hunt needs to go.

Why Owen Hunt Needs To Leave 'Grey's Anatomy'

I have a love-hate relationship with Owen "I'm not a cheater" Hunt. Kevin McKidd is a fantastic actor and I applaud him for every brilliant thing that he has brought to Grey's Anatomy, but it's time to face the music. While I am charmed by McKidd's acting and ability to make his characters exceedingly more likable than they actually are, Owen is the worst and the events with Teddy (Kim Raver) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) prove to me that Owen needs to leave Grey's Anatomy. Don't agree? I'll explain why. We just have to go down memory lane. And yes, that means bringing in Cristina (Sandra Oh).

Upon rewatching the Shondaland drama while catching up with the current season, I've realized there are a few common themes that seem to pop up with Owen. He is manipulative, controlling, and a serial cheater. He says that he is willing to compromise, but then throws the final decision in his partner's face down the line if it's not the result he wants. And ultimately, he takes away so much strength from all of the powerful women he has romantic ties to.

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Owen and Cristina's relationship in Grey's Anatomy was infuriating to watch. While the couple did have their moments, there were problems from the start. Take, for example, their marriage, which came quickly after the shooting episode. It was clear that Cristina was not quite herself and likely going through PTSD from, you know, operating on her best friend's husband. However, Owen then gets the brilliant idea of marrying her when she was probably not in the right place mentally. It felt as if Owen used Cristina's vulnerability to get her to marry him.

And then there was the abortion storyline. Owen, who knew that Cristina did not want a baby from the very beginning, tried to convince her to keep the baby, without any regard of what a baby might do to Cristina. While he eventually came around in support of Cristina's decision after having a conversation with Meredith, he held a grudge against Cristina and threw it in her face in front of all of their friends and colleagues. Just no.

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Now, let's dive into the cheating, shall we? It's a list that seems to never end. Owen has consistently cheated on his partners. With Owen, it felt like if one thing wasn't perfect, he would desperately grip onto someone else to fill the void.

First up, he emotionally cheated on Cristina when Teddy arrived on the scene. Yes, he chose Cristina in the end, but that doesn't excuse his behavior, either. He then cheated on Cristina with a random woman at the bar to get back at her for not wanting children. Then he cheated on Emma (Marguerite Moreau) with Cristina when Emma began talking about starting a family together. Then when things weren't going smoothly with Amelia – who also didn't want children – he sleeps with Teddy.

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And now we are in Season 15 and Owen hasn't learned a single thing. With Teddy back in Seattle, pregnant with Owen's baby and happily involved with Koracick (Greg Germann), Owen suddenly can't keep his eyes off of Teddy when he's with Amelia.

In "We Didn't Start the Fire," Owen couldn't even control himself after Teddy revealed that she and Koracick would be taking a trip to California with his unborn baby. He confronts Koracick and Teddy, and Amelia finally decides to dip out.

Since the Owen, Amelia, and Teddy love triangle is still unfolding, I can't speak for what happens next. Perhaps he'll finally get his s**t together and we'll finally see him in a healthy relationship. Or perhaps he'll decide that it's best to stay friends with these women because he's so clearly a better friend than he is a lover.

But until then, these women deserve better. No, they deserve the best. And the best isn't Owen Hunt.

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