5 Best Overwatch Gifts This Holiday Season

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Let's break it down with these fantastic Overwatch gifts.

The Best Overwatch Gifts for 2018

Did you think that the holiday event left a lot to be desired, Overwatch fans? We get it.

After grinding out wins in competitive and barely scraping into fourth in deathmatch, we know that you want (and deserve) only the best. That's why we've gathered our favorite Overwatch gifts that this holiday season has to offer.

And no, Jeff can't take this one from you.

So if you're ready to have it all, then keep on reading. Here are the best Overwatch gifts for 2018.

This Loot Box Mood Light

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Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? Seriously, any Overwatch fan would be happy to get this gift on Christmas morning. While you won't find skins you already own, this little Loot Box simply glows and is perfect for a desk or bedroom.

This Epic Esports Mouse

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If you want to play like the pros, then you should check out this official Overwatch mouse by Razer. It's great for all types of PC gamers, especially if you're trying to get the perfect shot as Widow.

These Character Stocks

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Watch your step! These character socks are everything you need and more to stay warm this winter as an Overwatch fan.

An Overwatch-Themed Wallet

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Need to replace that nasty wallet you've had for ages? Why not replace it with a shiny new Overwatch-themed one? It's the perfect gift for anyone who would be proud to rep their favorite game.

These Player Icon Slippers

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Stay warm with these Overwatch slippers that feature all of your favorite characters. Made with plush materials, you'll be dripping with comfort instead of sweat over your games. Or not, but we won't judge.

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