5 Nursing Podcasts You Need in 2018 as an RN

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For all the best nursing podcasts in 2018.

Best Nursing Podcasts for 2018

Nursing school can be hard. Being a nurse is, too. So, why not calm your fears and learn something new with these fantastic nursing podcasts for 2018.

Whether you're a student trying to study for your next exam, you just want to unwind from a busy day with some killer stories, or you just need something to get you through your night shift, these are for you.

Now, let's dive in and give a listen. Here are the best podcasts for nurses, no matter where you are in your career.

1. Nurse Talk Media

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Hosted by RNs, Casey Hobbs and Shayne Mason, Nurse Talk is a hilarious and smart podcast that discusses political issues in the nursing field. With over 200 episodes under their belt, this progressive nursing podcast always keeps us on our toes and informed.

2. Good Nurse Bad Nurse

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Light-hearted and fun, Good Nurse Bad Nurse is a relatable podcast for every nurse. Hosted by RNs Tina and Sam, this podcast tells two riveting medical-related stories per episode. One will have you on the edge of your seats with darkness, while the other will uplift your spirits and inspire you.

3. John Hopkins Medicine Podcasts

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You can't have a "best of nursing podcast" without the John Hopkins Medicine Podcasts, including their HealthNews Feed and PodMed Podcast. Filled with the latest information and news on all things health, if you're itching to learn more, you need to give these a listen.

4. The Nurse Keith Show

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If you're looking for a nursing podcast to help you fall back in love with your career, then The Nurse Keith Show might be the one for you. Career coach Keith Carlson hosts the show in the hopes of supporting and informing future and current nurses to make the most of their jobs.

5. Nursing Uncensored

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Hosted by Adrianne Behning, Nursing Uncensored opens up the floor on anything and everything nurses experience, no matter how uncomfortable or real. This podcast makes us laugh while keeping us informed through powerful storytelling and honest realities of American nurses of today.