5 Netflix Medical Documentaries That Are Too Good to Pass Up

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Looking for your next Netflix binge? Check out these great medical documentaries on Netflix.

Medical Documentaries on Netflix

Netflix has been killing the documentary game in 2018, and we are so here for it. While we love to sink our teeth into medical dramas, we're also digging the Netflix medical documentaries that have been popping up on our queue.

Whether you're in for incredible cases or simply the medical industry in general, here are some insanely thought-provoking medical documentaries on Netflix that you can binge right now. And no, the Seattle Grace documentary episode from Grey's Anatomy doesn't count.

Code Black

Winner of Best Documentary at the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Hamptons International Film Festival, Code Black takes everyday viewers into the workings of America's busiest emergency rooms through resident physician Ryan McGarry.

Take Your Pills

Released earlier this year, Take Your Pills gives viewers a taste of the dangers of Adderall in a society consumed with competition in schools and the workforce.


Afflicted follows the story of seven individuals with bizarre chromic illnesses that are often dismissed by the medical community as well as the search for their cures. However, this one doesn't stop after the credits start rolling, as some participants revealed that there was more to their story than what actually appeared on screen.

The Bleeding Edge

The Bleeding Edge is the most recent addition to Netflix's medical documentary queue. And it's a scary one. Filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering investigate the $400 billion medical device industry and the harm that potentially life-saving technologies have had on people.

What the Health

What the Health follows Kip Anderson's investigation of the causes and prevention of chronic diseases as well as the part that the nation's leading health organizations, government, and big business play in it.