Who Is Midge From Riverdale? 5 Quick Facts About Emilija Baranac


Who Is Midge From Riverdale? 5 Quick Facts About Emilija Baranac

Riverdale season 2 has been a mix of emotional drama and crazy plot twists. Could we ask for more? And with the Riverdale rendition of Carrie: The Musical coming this week, we couldn't help but feel excitement and fear for our favorite Riverdale stars, from the gang to more minor characters like Midge Klump (Emilija Baranac) and Moose (Cody Kearsley), who will also be starring in the musical according to a few musical numbers that were released prior to the episode's official debut. But, the scenes had fans wondering: who is Midge from Riverdale? Who is the actress behind Riverdale's Midge, Emilija Baranac?

Midge arrived in Riverdale season 1 but hasn't had a whole lot of screentime. She's remained a mysterious soul lurking behind the scenes, but emerged in the shocking season 2 premiere as one of the Black Hood's victims along with her boyfriend at the time, Moose. While we all came out wondering if Moose and Midge were dead on Riverdale, we were relieved when the two came out the other end alive. Since then, Midge has had a few more moments in the spotlight, but nothing significant. But, we love her like we love the rest of the cast all the same. And as Riverdale season 2 comes to a close, all we can say is please don't let Midge be the Black Hood and please don't let the Black Hood kill Midge, especially since his return has been confirmed.

Now, enough talk! It's time to find out a thing or two about Riverdale's very own Emilija Baranac.

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1. How Old Is Emilija Baranac?

We're used to Hollywood casting older people as teenagers. But, Riverdale was a little different, casting 20-year-oldKJ Apa and 21-year-old Lili Reinhart. While that's still a little older than your typical high-schooler, it's a lot better than casting someone well into their thirties as someone in high school. So, how old is Riverdale's Midge, Emilija Baranac? Baranac was born on August 4, 1994, so that makes her 23 as of this writeup.

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2. Where Is Emilija Baranac From?

Wondering where Emilija Baranac is from? Although Riverdale is on an American network, Baranac is actually a Canadian actress from Vancouver. And if you ever wondered where Riverdale is filmed, then you'll be delighted to hear that Riverdale is filmed in Vancouver as well. Cool, isn't it?

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3. Where Else Have I Seen Midge From Riverdale?

If you thought that Baranac looked familiar when you saw her on Riverdale, then there's a chance you might have! Though, we think she definitely broke out in her role on Riverdale. She has starred in an episode of Supernatural as Crystal Thorrson in the episode "Brother's Kepper." She has also been in Beyond as Jamie for a 4-episode arc.

Here is everything Baranac has been in prior to Riverdale:

  • Deadly Sorority as Kristina Roberts

  • Beyond as Jamie

  • #Sti as Emily

  • Breed as Girl/Lilit

  • Love You to Death as Paige Winters

  • Supernatural as Crystal Thorrson

  • Aliens in the House as Sophie

  • Inversion/Invasion - Emilija

  • Wash Your Hands - Hawk

  • Gratuitous - Isabelle

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4. 4. Emilija Baranac To Star In 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before'

Speaking of roles, Baranac just landed a role in the film adaptation of Jenny Han's novel, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, a young adult romance novel. Baranac will be playing Genevieve, Lara Jean's (Lana Condor) best friend turned enemy.

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5. Who Is Emilija Baranac Dating?

Baranac has never confirmed about who she is dating, but enough speculation goes around on her Instagram. It's possible that Baranac is dating Issey Taylor, seeing as they're always around each other. But, they could also just be good friends. Who knows? At least they seem to be having fun!

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