Meredith and Koracick Won't Get Together on Grey's Anatomy–Here's Why

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"Koracick was never in the running for Meredith."

Will Meredith and Koracick Ever Get Together on Grey's Anatomy?

After watching over 14 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, it's pretty easy to predict which characters will end up in a whirlwind romance. Call it intuition. Call it being a Grey's Anatomy expert. Sometimes a fan just knows.

Before season 15 was released, it was revealed that Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) would find The One. Now, if you've been around since the beginning, you know that Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) is the only One we've known for Meredith Grey. So, this news is sort of a big deal.

As such, fans were all dying to know who Mer's new epic romance would be with and now, it's down to two contenders.

Unfortunately for those of you who have been betting on Meredith and Tom Koracick (Greg Germann) getting together romantically after their trip to Los Angeles, these two will likely never ever get together.

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Koracick Was NEVER In the Running for Meredith's Heart

Despite some incredible chemistry between Meredith and Koracick in the first half of season 15, it looks like a potential romance between the two was never intended by the writers.

In an interview with TVLine executive producer Krista Vernoff revealed that "Koracick was never in the running for Meredith" and the chemistry between the two "wasn't scripted or intentional."

So then what were fans picking up on, if not romance?

"They really love working together; maybe you're [picking up] on that," Vernoff said. "Greg is such a delightful actor, and they have such a blast working together."

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Who Is Still Vying for Meredith Grey's Attention?

While we're a little thrown off by Vernoff's response to Koracick, it's been confirmed that there are still two names in the running for Meredith's heart: DeLuca and Link.

The writers have been heavily hinting at a romance between the two of them, and with a promise that viewers will find out more about both potential romances in episode 9 and 10, who knows where this love triangle will end up.

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Who do you want Meredith to end up with: DeLuca or Link?

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