18 Perfect Matcha Puns for Instagram Captions

hands holding matcha green tea, Hashtags, matcha instagram captions

It's a matcha made in heaven!

Best Matcha Puns for Instagram Captions


Feeling punny? Wake up with these adorably funny matcha puns for Instagram captions. Because we know you're going to share some spectacular photos with your followers. So, why not pair that with something to show off your wits?

Whether you're drinking some yummy green tea or you're simply a matcha lover who wants to show off your lover in a fun and cute way, we've got the best Instagram captions from matcha puns.


• I love you so matcha.

• We're a matcha in heaven.

• Thank you very matcha.

• Is it too matcha to ask?

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• So matcha love.

• I'd matcha rather be reading.

• Matcha ado about nothing.

• Mmmmm matcha say!


• You've met your matcha.

• Holy Matcha!

• Matcha more adventures to come!

• Matcha-cha!


• We're a perfect matcha!

• I don't care too matcha.

• I love tea so matcha.

• So matcha better.

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