Knix Launches Leakproof Dream Shorts for Overnight Coverage

Courtesy of Knix

Dreaming of leak-free sleep?

Knix Launches Leakproof Dream Shorts Built to Last All Night Long

Over the course of the year, period underwear has grown in popularity for women who want alternatives to tampons and pads that actually work. While we love a great period panty, sometimes they don't hold up to an overnight flow. The intimates brand Knix is here to change that. On Feb. 22, Knix launched their new Dream Shorts, designed for a leak-free sleep. And yes, you should be excited.

In a press release, Knix revealed that their new Dream Shorts ($38) features an extra large leakproof gusset for overnight coverage, a seamfree design and 4-way stretch for comfort, and a soft bonded waistband. The shorts are also made with lightweight and anti-odor carbon cotton so you feel fresh, even after sleeping overnight.

The intimates brand also went to Instagram and revealed its new product.

We dreamt up the perfect solution for preventing stained sheets💧 A 30% longer pad holds up to 3 tampons worth of blood. In addition, our seam-free design and roll-proof leg openings will keep you feeling comfortable all night long⏰

Want to give Knix's new Dream Shorts a try? You can purchase them on their website now for $38.

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