Katherine Heigl Reacts Alex & Jo's Wedding on Grey's Anatomy

Izzie stevens crying with alex karev and jo wilson getting married, katherine heigl react to jolex
"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

Katherine Heigl certainly has some things to say about Alex and Jo on Grey's Anatomy!

Katherine Heigl on Alex Karev and Jo Wilson's Marriage

Now on season 8 of Suits, Katherine Heigl made her name in 2005 by taking the role of Izzie Stevens on Grey's Anatomy. And boy, was that a ride. From the Denny Duquette storyline to her rocky relationship with Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), Izzie had one of the best storylines of the series leading up to her departure in 2010.

In the season 14 finale of Grey's, fans finally got to watch our boy Karev marry the other love of his life, Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington). Recently, Heigl spoke out about how she felt about the JoLex wedding and where she sees Izzie now. And yes, it is everything you could ask for.

In an interview with TVLine, Heigl was floored when she found out that her on-screen ex finally got married to someone else.

"Oh my God!" Heigl exclaimed. "Well, that's exciting. Alex needed to find love — true love."

And while Heigl was exciting about the news, she (and we) aren't entirely sure that Izzie Stevens would be so happy.

"I don't know [how Izzie would react]. I'd have to start wondering where Izzie is," Heigl said. "Like, what is she doing? Where did she go? I would hope that she pursued her [medical] career."

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

So, what happened to Izzie? Here's what Heigl has to say about where her character might have ended up.

"She could have children by now," Heigl said. "She could be married… If she has moved on, then I would expect Izzie to be very happy for him. She would want him to be happy."


Heigl then admitted that if her character were still single, she would feel differently.

"She'd be jealous [of Jo] for sure, right?" Heigl said. "She'd want him to hold out for her."


While we would love to have seen Izzie show up at JoLex's wedding in the season 14 finale, at least this bit of information gives us a bit of closure, even if it isn't exactly canon.


How do you think Izzie would have reacted? Do you want Katherine Heigl to return to Grey's? Let us know in the comments below!

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