Jo & Alex on 'Grey's Anatomy' Just Ran Into a Rough Patch, so Yes, You Should Be Worried

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Love is dead. What is happening to Jo and Alex on 'Grey's Anatomy'?!

This Is Why Everyone Is Worried About Jo & Alex on 'Grey's Anatomy'

On Grey's Anatomy, the instant there's a spark between two characters, they're done for. From whirlwind romances to cringeworthy breakups, the ABC medical drama does it all. But, as the seasons go by, characters have matured into well, healthier adults. So naturally, fans got to see functional relationships unfold like Jo Wilson and Alex Karev. However, in Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 22, titled "Head Over High Heels," everything went out the window. So what happened to Jo and Alex on Grey's Anatomy? Well, it's complicated.

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A few episodes ago, Jo met and confronted her birth mom for the first time in Pittsburgh. In the heartbreaking yet moving episode, Jo learned that her mom got pregnant with her as a result of sexual assault. Since then, Jo has been on the verge of a big meltdown, and she hasn't opened up to Alex, causing a strain on their marriage.

While we understand that she gets to choose who she opens up to and when she does it, Jo's actions have been destructive. As in, she came to work drunk. As a surgeon. Just let that sink in.

Jo doesn't have to talk to Alex or Meredith about the details of what happened. However, she needs to find someone to help her take it all in. If she doesn't, it may very well destroy her.

That being said, Alex goes to Jo at the end of the episode and tries to talk to her. He also told her that he would go to Pittsburgh himself if he had to. She tells him that she'll open up when she's ready, but she will leave him if he goes to Pittsburgh, she'll leave him.


Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Clearly, Jo and Alex are not in a good place and Jo is definitely not okay. And yes, the fandom went nuts. While some suspect that this will eventually lead to a divorce, others think that the downward spiral will eventually lead to Jo's death. However, most fans are just upset to see Jo so broken.

No matter what happens, we hope that Jo and Alex find their way back to happiness. Even if it takes another season.

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