Jessica Capshaw Celebrated 'Grey's Anatomy's 332-Episode & It BROKE Us

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So...Jessica Capshaw needs to come back to 'Grey's Anatomy' as Arizona now, right??

Jessica Capshaw Celebrates 'Grey's Anatomy's Latest Achievement

Grey's Anatomy recently became the longest-running medical show on primetime television – and this achievement did not go unnoticed, not even by former cast member, Jessica Capshaw, who played Arizona Robbins from season 5 to season 14. While fans miss her presence on the Shondaland medical drama, Capshaw celebrated Grey's Anatomy's 332nd episode on Instagram. And we aren't going to lie, we're still crying.

In her post on the social media site, Capshaw wore her old Arizona lab coat spread some love to the Grey's community and its creators.

"Well, hello again kitty cat... Ok, soooo...tonight is a BIG night for @greysabc," Capshaw wrote. "The airing of tonight's episode makes it the longest running prime time medical drama EVER. Soooo in honor of this exceptional distinction...I pulled out Dr. Arizona Robbins trusty lab coat, dusted it off, brought it out into the sunshine and I took it for a spin. @shondarhimes and @beersbetsy THANK YOU for bringing this show to our television screens (and computers and phones). This show is a total dreamboat and I am so fortunate to have taken a cruise on it...grateful times a million...xoxo Congratulations!!!"

We're not crying, you are!

While her statement brings us to tears, we're ultimately grateful for the many laughs and joy that Arizona Robbins brought to us as fans.

Previously when it was first announced that Capshaw departed Grey's Anatomy in 2018, the actress released a statement sharing her thoughts via Twitter.

"For the past ten years I have had the rare privilege of not only playing Arizona Robbins but also being madly in love with playing her," Capshaw wrote on Instagram. "Arizona Robbins is kind, intelligent, funny, insightful, bold, playful, fierce and really good at her job. She was one of the first members of the LGBTQ community to be represented in a seres regular role on network television. Her impact on the world is permanent and forever. Forever. I am grateful that I have gotten to bring her to life and for the life that she has brought to me. I am sad to see her go but I am consoled by the idea that she will continue to live on and on in all of our consciences and our imaginations. Shonda, thank you for the ride on this incredible rollercoaster."

Capshaw's recent statement reminded fans about how close she was to the community and just how much we miss seeing her every Thursday night with the rest of the Grey's team.

Will she ever return? As of now, we think that Arizona has said her last goodbye. But, never say never, right? But at least Grey's Anatomy's Giacomo Gianniotti would like to see Capshaw back on set.

"We would laugh until snot was coming out of our noses," Gianniotti told The Hollywood Reporter when asked who he would like to see come back to the drama. "I miss having her around."

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