Are Karev And Edwards BOTH Leaving Grey's Anatomy This Season?! /

Synopsis and promo photos for Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 22.


It looks like our favorite doctors could be making some major decisions that could potentially jeopardize their careers. ABC has released the synopsis and trailer for the upcoming Grey's Anatomy episode on Thursday, May 4, titled "Leave It Inside." And believe us when we tell you we are scared. ABC shared:

There's a lot going on and we don't know where to begin. So, we'll break it apart for you!

First, it definitely seems like April and Andrew's "fiery patient" will be tied to the season finale, since showrunner Shonda Rhimes and director Debbie Allen have both mentioned that it will be on fire. At this point, we would be surprised if their patient wasn't involved in the potential fire for the finale. But, we'll see!

Next, it seemed like the Alex and Eliza thing will be drama per Grey's Anatomy usual. However, the promo video tells us a much different story:

Ahem. WHAT?? In the video, you can tell Alex and Eliza are at odds over the treatment of their patient. We see Alex fight for a child like he always does. However, it looks like our favorite bad boy might end up going to jail! NO.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

And the last sentence does absolutely nothing to calm our nerves! Could we be saying goodbye to Alex, Stephanie, and Ben?

We already know that Jerrika Hinton, who plays Stephanie Edwards, is making an exit from Grey's after this season. But, we aren't sure when, but these "decisions" could be why. TV Fanatic kindly shared promo photos for Episode 22, so we aren't kept completely in the dark:

TV Fanatic

It looks like Edwards is holding back while dealing with this parent.

TV Fanatic

Things are getting heated! Let's hope that this doesn't mean the end.

TV Fanatic

Let's hope that he is leaving on good terms and Stephanie was able to talk some sense into him!

TV Fanatic

But, things don't look good on Stephanie end! At least it looks like Ben's trying to calm her down. Regardless, we're getting nervous just looking at this photo.

The man in these photos is definitely the same father that was fighting with Karev in the promo video. So, will Stephanie be the one going to jail? And what did Ben do to get involved in this? So many questions!

As excited as we are for a new episode of Grey's, we're not ready to say goodbye to anyone! And it's not even the finale yet! At least Ben's looking pretty good in these photos! They'll hold us together until we see the episode!

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What do you think will happen this week??

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