Is The Originals On Hulu?


Is 'The Originals' On Hulu?

Everyone is dying to know: Is The Originals On Hulu?? The final season premieres on Wednesday, April 18th, and we've reached a point where it's easier to watch your favorite shows through a streaming subscription. So, will The Originals be on Hulu? And if so, what time will The Originals season 5 be on Hulu? We know that the premiere airs at 9/8c following the Riverdale musical episode. This means that the premiere will only be an hour long. But, for those of you that miss it live or want to watch The Originals online, don't fret! We've done a bit of digging. So, here's everything we know about The Originals on Hulu and other places you can watch online.

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Will The Originals Season 5 Be On Hulu?

We've been binge-watching The Originals season 1-4 on Netflix. So, will the show be on Hulu for season 5? Well, after sifting through a few articles, we have a definitely answer.

As you may or may not know, Hulu typically releases what is coming every month. Unfortunately, it looks like The Originals season 5 is not coming to Hulu in April 2018. And from everything we know about Netflix and Hulu competition, we are fairly certain that The Originals is not coming to Hulu anytime soon. In fact, unless there is a deal between Hulu and the CW in the near future, we won't see season 5 of The Originals anywhere on streaming subscriptions except for Netflix once it's released.

Now, that's some pretty sad news for those of us who are loyal to streaming sites and watching content online. Luckily, you will be able to find different ways of watching The Originals season 5 online if you don't mind exploring new options.

So, how can you watch season 5 online?

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Where Else Can I Watch The Originals Season 5 Online?

Well, there are a few places you can look. First is obviously to watch the series when it airs live on the CW after the Carrie special of Riverdale. Unfortunately, the CW doesn't air a lot of rerun episodes, so 9/8c is the only chance you have if you want to check out the show live.

Don't have cable and want to watch The Originals season 5 live stream? You can watch through Hulu Live TV, which will give you access to live streams online as well as Hulu's streaming library. This option is best if you really love being in the Hulu family and have the channel in your area.

You can also go to the CW's website or download the CW app, which will let you watch The Originals for free online. However, you'll only be able to watch the five most recent episodes because the CW eventually locks their content. Lucky for you, there are other options.

You can also choose to buy individual episodes or even the whole season online through iTunes, Vudu, or Amazon Video. Buying each episode is pretty self explanatory, but you can also buy the whole season now so that you won't miss a second of The Originals season 5 as each episode airs.

Happy watching!