Is Station 19 On Hulu?


Is Station 19 On Hulu? | March 2018 Premiere

Is Station 19 on Hulu? Will Station 19 be on Hulu? And if so, when will Station 19 be on Hulu? Everybody who loves Grey's Anatomy is asking. The Grey's spinoff, which aired its backdoor pilot during the return of the flagship show following the Winter Olympics break, has fans jumping up and down with excitement. Including us! So, we need details on how and where to watch Station 19 once it airs live on ABC. If you love watching shows on Hulu, then this one's for you!

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Is Station 19 On Hulu?

Station 19 premieres tonight, March 22, but will it be on Hulu? The answer is yes! Station 19 will find its way to Hulu. And luckily, you'll have more than one way of watching it, too! According to Hulu's press website, Station will definitely be added to Hulu's streaming library, like many other ABC series before it. If you didn't already know, shows like Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder are all on Hulu's queue. Exciting right?

We've got even cooler news! Wondering how you can watch Station 19 without cable? Looking for a Station 19 live stream? If you can't wait for the Station 19 premiere to be released on Hulu Plus, then you can check out the series premiere live on Hulu Live TV. The service is a cable alternative, which allows users to watch live television as well as catch everything on the Hulu streaming library. That means that you can watch the premiere live on Hulu Live TV and through Hulu's streaming services once it is added.

Speaking of, what time will Station 19 be on Hulu?

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What Time Will Station 19 Be On Hulu?

We know. The wait is killing us, too. If you aren't able to watch the Station 19 premiere live either on live stream or on television, then you're probably wondering what time Station 19 will be added to Hulu. Well, according to Hulu Press, the Station 19 series premiere will be added to the library on March 23, which is technically the day after it airs. Typically, shows will be added to Hulu around 4-5 Eastern time the day after the show airs. You'll get the show a few hours after it airs. But, it also depends on the network. So, your best bet is to live out your day and catch Station 19 on Hulu on Friday.