Is Snapchat Bringing Back Best Friends? | 30 November Update

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Is Snapchat bringing back the best friends list in 2017? Let's settle this rumor once and for all!

Is Snapchat Bringing Back Best Friends? | November 2017 Update

UPDATED: November 30, 2017:

Snapchat is bringing back Best Friends in the next major update. Well, sort of. For more details on the latest Snapchat update, go here.

Rumor on the street is that Snapchat is bringing back Best Friends in 2017, but is it true? The Snapchat Best Friends feature was taken off the app in January 2015. But, for the past few hours Twitter has been going crazy with the idea of the best friends list coming back to Snapchat, and to be honest, everyone is pretty divided. While some view Snapchat Best Friends to be intrusive, others have missed the feature. So, is Snapchat bringing back Best Friends in 2017?

Is Snapchat Best Friends Coming Back?

Although Snapchat fans everywhere have been buzzing about the possibility of Snapchat Best Friends returning to the app, it looks like these rumors are false. Snapchat has not released anything official regarding the Best Friends list and Twitter user Dan Stuart, who sparked the rumor on Twitter with a seemingly official photo, has since deleted his supposed evidence that Snapchat is bringing back Best Friends.

But, who knows? Maybe this means that Best Friends will return to Snapchat one day. But until Snapchat releases an official statement, we're pretty sure that this rumor is fake.

What Is Snapchat Best Friends?

The Snapchat Best Friends list was a feature that allowed users to see who their top best friends were. To get on someone's best friends list, you would simply have to interact with that person more than other friends on your Snapchat list. Although previous versions of Snapchat allowed other users to see who was on your best friends list, the app eventually only allowed the user to see their own best friends list.

If you have more unanswered Snapchat questions, you can always go directly to Snapchat's Support Center.

Do you want Snapchat Best Friends to come back??

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