Is Jason the Next Bachelor? All Signs Point To...

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The Bachelorette via ABC

Is Jason Tartick the next Bachelor for 2019?

Is Jason Tartick the Next Bachelor?

The Bachelorette via ABC

Last night's episode of Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette showed us two things. Number one: Bachelor Nation loves Jason Tartick. Number two: Jason needs to be 2019's pick for The Bachelor. And it's not only because he basically looks like Ethan Craft in real life. So, we entertain the question: Is Jason the next bachelor for 2019?

In case you missed the episode where Jason is eliminated, here's what you need to know. While ABC was busy trying to make Garrett happen, Jason and Becca went on a date in Thailand. However, things go south pretty quickly after Jason makes a joke that crosses the line with Becca. 

Since we're down to the wire, Jason was cut. However, it was his reaction that made fans cheer for his continual success with the Bachelor franchise. He very clearly and maturely expressed how he felt about the situation. Then, he gave Becca a scrapbook he made and walked out.

But wait, there's more.

When he left, Jason said that he was still rooting for Becca and her happiness. And he always will.

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner, Bachelor Nation. We have our next Bachelor for 2019. If only. But seriously, Twitter exploded, cheering for Jason's return.

Twitter's Reaction to Jason

Fans went nuts over Jason after his exit with the hopes that he will be named the next bachelor. Here are some of our favorite tweets of the evening.

Will Jason Be Our New Bachelor in 2019?

Will fans get their way? Like one of the tweets said above, we could've had Peter, but we got Arie instead. You owe us this one, ABC!

Jokes aside, it looks like Jason would be the perfect candidate for the next Bachelor. And despite our early predictions, we're now fully convinced with this one. 

Unfortunately, we won't actually know if Jason is the new bachelor until the network announces tells us. And from the looks of it, we'll have to wait until the After the Final Rose special or after the finale of Bachelor in Paradise. So, stay tuned. 

But until then, here's to all the Jason fans in Bachelor Nation!