Could George O'Malley Still Be Alive on 'Grey's Anatomy'? TBH, We'd Be So Here For It!

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The doctors over at Grey's Anatomy have been through a lot. They nicknamed the old hospital "Seattle Grace Mercy Death", after all. But, there's one death in particular that we are still upset about. And that's George Freaking O'Malley. We were screaming when George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) suddenly died in the Grey's Anatomy Season 6 premiere. And we're still screaming today. But, could George still be alive in Grey's Anatomy? Could George come back to Grey's in the future? This fan theory definitely has us second guessing everything.

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Is George O'Malley Dead In Grey's Anatomy?

Redditor, 3bo0od07, is convinced that George is still alive in the Grey's Anatomy universe, and they back it up with some pretty damn convincing logic, too.

The Redditor argued that we only know two things about George's death: that he wrote "007" on Meredith's hand and the birthmark. Both of these things could be anything. As Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) mentioned, Meredith's interpretation is unreliable.

Also, seeing as the patient was hit by a bus, who knows what shape his body was really in or what the bus crash did to it. Could it have even altered the area of the "birthmark"?

Redditor 3bo0od07 also mentioned that Lexie, who has a photographic memory, believed that John Doe's legs were too large to be George's. After Callie identified the birthmark, this was simply dismissed. But, what was the point of bringing it up if he would have had to be identified regardless? Was it merely some cruel ploy to give us hope just to snatch it away?

And for those of you wondering why George wouldn't just show up and tell everyone that he was actually alive, 3bo0od07 answered that question, too.

"George went to Iraq without saying a word," the Redditor proposed. He then decides not to tell anyone because if he died in the war, "his family and friends won't be in grief all over again."

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We know, we know. This theory is a bit of a stretch. It's very plausible that showrunner Shonda Rhimes just used Lexie's hope to crush us fans. And George would honestly be awful for doing that to his mom.

But, this is Grey's Anatomy. Anything can happen. And a girl can dream, right?

Do you think George O'Malley is alive on Grey's Anatomy?!

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