Is Duane Henry Leaving NCIS With Reeves's Death?


Is Duane Henry Leaving NCIS With Reeves's Death?

Get your tissues out, NCIS fans. Because this week's episode, entitled "One Step Forward", had us curled up on the floor with shock. And is has fans everywhere asking is Duane Henry leaving NCIS? Will Reeves die? Also, what happened to Abby (Pauley Perrette)? We're worried for everyone, to be honest. And for good reason.

If you missed out on the May 2nd episode of the CBS hit crime show, you'll want to catch up on what happened on CBS All Access. But, if you don't care about spoilers for last night's episode and what's coming, then keep reading. If not, you have been warned. This post is not spoiler free.

In the episode, both Abby and Reeves left a restaurant only to be mugged at gunpoint. While Reeves gave the gunman his belongings, Abby tried to reason and help. The episode ended with a gunshot, making fans fear for our two favorite characters' lives. Will someone end up dead? Here's everything we know so far, including a confirmed departure from a major NCIS character!

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Abby Is Leaving NCIS. But Will Reeves Die?

So, first thing's first. What happens in next week's episode? We need to find out if Reeves is leaving! Luckily, CBS has a trailer has us covered.

The promo makes it clear that someone is in danger. And from the looks of it, that someone is Abby.

We already know that the May 8th episode of NCIS season 25 will be Perrette's last. But, we don't know whether or not her character will leave us alive or dead. So, what does this mean for Reeves?

Well, from the looks of it, Reeves is safe. Duane Henry has made no announcement that he is leaving NCIS anytime soon. So, we hope that we get to hold onto him just a little longer, especially since NCIS has already been renewed for a sixteenth season.

But, one thing has us a little worried.

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Why Isn't Reeves In The "Two Steps Back" Trailer?

We all know that Hollywood is all about the red herrings and plot twists. As of October of last year, everyone already knew that Perrette's last episode was coming in season 15. So, it wouldn't be much of a shock if she died. Yes, it would be horrible and we hope that the writers don't go in that direction, but it would be expected.

It's possible that Reeves could be leaving us soon. And the fact that we don't see him anywhere in the promo trailer for next week worries us like no other. We're hoping that this just means that the storyline doesn't involve him.

But, maybe the NCIS will pull a Shonda Rhimes and make audiences worried about the life of Abby when we should really be concerned about Reeves, much like what happened to George O'Malley and Izzie Stevens on Grey's Anatomy.

We know we could be reaching. So, we'll let you go with our little fan theory and the trailer to see for yourselves.

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NCIS "Two Steps Back" Trailer

Want to see what's happening in the next episode? Watch the promo below:

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NCIS May 8th Episode Update

What? What just happened? Keep reading until the end for details on the May 8th episode. Spoilers ahead. Beware.

It looks like we were right. NCIS pulled off a Shonda Rhimes by killing off Reeves in the opening scene of NCIS. His cold body was revealed in a body bag at the beginning of the May 8th episode. Just like that? That's it? This can't be the end, especially since we know CBS has been promoting Abby's exit on full blast. Can it?

Well, apparently, it can. Abby eventually wakes up and finds out that Reeves is gone. Later in a particularly difficult scene to watch, Abby talks to Reeves in the morgue and we find out that Abby will be leaving NCIS to do Reeves's charities in his memory.

Cue the sobs. I can't.