How to Mute People on Instagram | May 2018 Update

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The May 2018 update brought us the Instagram mute button. But, everyone is asking how to mute people on Instagram. Here are tips and tricks on how to use the mute button.

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How to Mute People on Instagram | May 2018 Update

Let's face it. We've been waiting for the May 2018 update for some time. Now, with the Instagram mute button, we can silence people who are all over your feed. But, how do you mute someone on Instagram? We know you need to know everything about this feature. So, here's how to mute people on Instagram as well as information on whether or not people know when you do, what to do if the button isn't working for you, and when you should expect to see the feature available on your phone.

This new feature is a game-changer when it comes to your Instagram account. For all those family members who you no longer want to see on your feed to people who you just don't have the heart to unfollow, you can use the new Instagram mute button. So, let's get down to it. Shall we? Here's everything you need to know about the mute button on Instagram.

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How To Use Instagram Mute Button

The process is simple. Here is how you can mute people on Instagram:

1. Go to a photo from the person you want to mute

2. Tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner

3. You will see the "Mute" option in the middle of the list in red. The option will be under the "Report" and "Unfollow" button. So, be careful when clicking.

4. You will be given the option to mute both their story or just their posts. Choose.

Want to unmute someone? Here's how.

How To UnMute Someone On Instagram

To unmute people on Instagram, you just need to reverse the steps that you took to mute them. Here's what to do when you want to unmute someone on Insta.

1. Go to a photo from the person you want to unmute

2. Tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner

3. Click "Unmute"

Now, you should be able to see the person's story and/or photos in your feed. And if you ever want to mute them again, you can.

So, here's the next big question. Do people know when you mute them on Instagram? Can they tell when you mute and unmute them?

Are People Notified When You Mute Them On Instagram?

Scared about privacy when it comes to social media. It's completely normal. Does Instagram send a notification when you mute someone? Do people know when you mute them on Insta?

The answer is no. According to Instagram, they are not notified. They do not know that you just muted them from your feed. For now, anyway. But if anything changes, we will let you know.

So, what happens if the Instagram mute feature is not working and broken? Here's how to fit it.

Instagram Mute Button Not Working

Looking for a quick fix for the Instagram mute button? Here are a few steps you can take.

Before we dive in, you should know that since this is a new feature that Instagram is rolling out in the next few weeks starting on May 22nd. This means that even after updating, you might not get the mute button for some time. So, be patient. If you have the latest version of IG and you still don't have this feature, it just means that you'll have it later. However, if you still don't have it in a few months, then you should probably notify the social media company here.

Not the case? Here are steps you can take to fix the mute button on Instagram:

1. Make sure you have the latest Instagram update on your phone

2. Make sure you have the latest software update for your phone

3. Restart your phone and app

4. Uninstall and Reinstall the app

5. Check Down Detector

Can I Mute Someone's Story?

Don't really want to mute someone's feed? Want to silence their Insta story instead? Well, you can. Here's how to mute or unmute someone's story.

1. At the top of your Insta homepage, you will see everyone's stories. Tap and hold down the profile picture of the person who you would like to mute.

2. Click "Mute"

To unmute, you can repeat these steps, but click "Unmute" instead.

Twitter Reaction To The Instagram Mute Button

Excited about this new feature for 2018? So is the internet.

For more help, go to Instagram's Help Center.

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