How To Follow Hashtags On Instagram | 2017 Update

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Instagram now lets users follow hashtags. Here's how to follow hashtags on Instagram!

How To Follow Hashtags On Instagram | Update 2017

Instagram is always evolving. And now, you can follow a hashtag on Instagram the same way you follow people. On Tuesday, the social media app launched the option for users to follow hashtags on Instagram. While this "follow hashtag" feature has been in the works for some time, it's finally ready to see the light of the general user. Are you ready to follow hashtags, 'Gram fans? Here's how to follow hashtags on Instagram.


How To Use Follow Hashtags On Instagram

If you're like us and want to know everything to know about this new Instagram update, then don't fret! We've got all your Instagram Hashtag questions answered in simple steps! Here's how to follow, unfollow, and use hashtag feature on Instagram.

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How To Follow Hashtags On Instagram

  1. Search the topic you want or select a hashtag from an Instagram post

  2. You will be shown the results of your search, including relevant hashtags and accounts

  3. Select the hashtag you want, which will lead you to the hashtag's page

  4. Click on the "Follow" button

How To Unfollow Hashtags On Instagram

Dying to know how you can unfollow a hashtag on Insta? Here's how!

  1. Select the hashtag and go to the hashtag's page

  2. You will see an "Unfollow" button where you previously clicked to "Follow" that hashtag

  3. Click "Unfollow"

How To See Your Followed Hashtags On Instagram

Wondering where you will see the hashtags that you follow on Instagram? You'll gain access to the hashtags in two places: your feed and stories.If you follow a hashtag, you will begin seeing the top posts from that hashtag on your Instagram feed. You will also see some of the latest stories from that hashtag in your stories bar.

Can People See What Hashtags I Follow On Instagram?

Wondering if other people can see what hashtags you are following on Instagram? Well, yes. You can see the hashtags people follow on their profiles. However, you can change your settings so that the hashtags you follow are only visible to followers.

How To Make Followed Hashtags Private On Instagram

Want to keep the hashtags you follow remain private on Instagram? Well, all you have to do is set your account to private. That means that strangers will not be able to see your followed hashtags. However, your followers will still be able to see your followed hashtags. So, keep this in mind! We'll update this post if there are any changes!

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