How Old is Spensha Baker on The Voice?

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The Voice via NBC

How old is Spensha Baker on The Voice season 14? Here is everything you need to know about Spensha on The Voice.

The Voice via NBC

5 Quick Facts About Spensha Baker On The Voice

Is Spensha Baker ready to take the crown on The Voice season 14? While we gear up for tonight's finale of NBC's hit singing competition, fans everywhere are wondering how old is Spensha Baker on The Voice. Who is Spensha Baker? The fantastic songstress has captivated audiences from around the country, and it's earned her a top spot on Team Blake Shelton. So, before we get to the final elimination for The Voice and we find out who wins the show, here's everything you need to know about Spensha Baker from The Voice, from her age to how she feels about her coach.

How Old Is Spensha Baker?

According to NBC, Spensha is currently only 25 years old. She was born on January 18, 1993.

Where Is Spensha From?

Spensha was born in San Antonio, Texas, and grew up on military bases. However, she currently lives in Boerne, Texas.

The Voice via NBC

Who Is Spensha Baker Dating?

As of now, we don't know if Spensha is dating anyone. However, there were rumors earlier in the season that Spensha is dating former contestant Terrence Cunningham, who was on Team Alicia.

The two seem to be close friends on her Instagram, so nothing has been confirmed or denied as of now.

Did Spensha Sing Before The Voice?

Like many contestants on The Voice, it looks like Spensha has always been a singer. She started her singing career in 2004 as a contestant on Star Search, an American television show in the '90s. Later, Spensha released her own album entitled "Outloud!*.

The Voice via NBC

What Kind Of Music Does Spensha Sing?

A true Texan at heart, Spensha hopes to pursue country. Luckily, she chose Shelton as her coach.

When speaking to Reality TV World about what kind of music she would like to focus on, she said, "I think country, you know, I always say that my voice has a soulful aspect to it. I think we can hear a little bit more of that on country radio right now. And so, I think in terms of musical direction, that's sort of the lane that I would fit into, along the lines of Chris Stapleton and Maren Morris."

The Voice via NBC

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