How Old Is Meredith Grey? An Investigation.

What is the age of this Grey's Anatomy star?

How Old Is Meredith Grey?

Let's be honest. The timeline of Grey's Anatomy doesn't really make sense, especially when you consider how old Meredith Grey was supposed to be her intern year compared to her supposed birth year revealed numerous times in Season 11. It definitely looks like Meredith's age has been revised since Grey's Anatomy Season 1. So, what's the truth, Shonda?! How old is Meredith Grey?

How Old Was Meredith Grey During Her Intern Year?

After tons of sleuthing, we found the Grey's Anatomy pilot script, which contained Meredith's age as she entered her internship at Seattle Grace Hospital. The script states that Meredith Grey is supposed to be 32. According to the Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice Wiki page, Seasons 1-3 take up only a year in time. Despite some clues in Season 1 that make the year 2004, the first three seasons took place between 2006 to 2007. The Wiki page also states that Season 13 would take place mid-2017. That would make Meredith about 42-43 years old.

But wait...

When Was Meredith Grey Born?

Meredith Grey's birth year was finally confirmed in Season 11 since it was revealed that she was 5 years old in 1983. That means Meredith Grey was born in 1978. With that knowledge, Meredith would have been 28 when she was an intern and she would be about 39 as of Season 13.

That definitely means that something was overlooked or mixed up throughout the years. But, we don't blame them! Grey's Anatomy has been around for more than a decade, and we watch the show for the drama anyway! No big deal.

Which Meredith Grey age do you think is real? Do you care that the Grey's Anatomy timeline is messed up?

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