How Old Is Derek Shepherd?

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How old is this Grey's Anatomy doctor?

How Old Is Derek Shepherd?

We're not going to lie. The Grey's Anatomy timeline totally doesn't make sense. We don't know how old Meredith Grey is really supposed to be and we are pretty fuzzy when it comes to how old Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) is in comparison. But, after a little investigating, we think we've cracked down on your favorite neurosurgeon's age. But, what's the truth, Shonda Rhimes? How old is Derek Shepherd?

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How Old Was Derek Shepherd When He Died?

According to IBTimes, Derek Shepherd was only 49 years old when he died on April 23, 2015, in Grey's Anatomy. That would put Derek's birth year around 1966, which is confirmed by the Grey's Anatomy Wiki.

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How Old Was Derek Shepherd When Grey's Anatomy Started?

If Derek's birthday was really in 1966 and Grey's Anatomy started in 2004, that would make Derek about 38 years old when Grey's Anatomy Season 1 happened. Not too shabby for an accomplished neurosurgeon!

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How Much Older Is Derek Shepherd Than Meredith Grey?

Since Meredith Grey's age is forever changing, we don't know exactly how much older Derek is compared to Meredith. Going off of the information we got in Season 11, Meredith would have been born in 1978, making Derek older than Meredith by about 12 years!

Do you love Derek Shepherd, Grey's fans?!

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