How Old Is Bekah M On The Bachelor 2018?

the bachelor, How Old Is Bekah M On The Bachelor 2018

How old is Bekah M. on the Bachelor Season 22? Here's everything to know about Bekah M. from the Bachelor 2018!

How Old Is Bekah M On The Bachelor 2018?

How did you celebrate the start of 2018? If you're a member of #BachelorNation, you probably watched the premiere of The Bachelor season 22 starring Arie Luyendyk Jr. Was it everything you wanted it to be? We certainly think it was. With the introduction of 2018's season of The Bachelor, we met 29 contestants, but it was Bekah M's (not to be confused with Becca K.) age that has our interest. And we certainly weren't the only ones left wondering how old this nanny from Los Angeles was. So how old is Bekah M. on The Bachelor?

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Twitter's Response To Bekah's Age

When Bekah was introduced on season 22 of The Bachelor, her age was noticeably missing seeing unlike every other contestant of the reality series. And that little detail definitely got Twitter a little riled up.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

How Old Is Bekah M? An Investigation.

While Bekah's age continued to perplex people on Twitter, later Monday night, social media dug up how old Bekah M really was through some sleuthing on the nanny's Instagram. A photo surfaced from Bekah's Instagram from her 21st birthday, which was posted on February 10, 2016. That means that Bekah would be 22 years old.

To confirm this, we go deeper into Bekah's Insta history. In this Instagram post, Bekah used "#21" to describe her post from February 10, 2016. Bekah also posted an Instagram earlier this year that confirmed that her birthday is on February 10th.

So, it definitely looks like Bekah M is 22 years old. So, why hide it on The Bachelor?

Why Did The Bachelor Hide Bekah M's Age?

At 22, Bekah is one of The Bachelor's youngest contestants. It's possible that ABC thought that viewers thought that Bekah's age difference from Arie was too much for viewers to handle. Arie is currently 36 years old. But, as long as Bekah is over 18 and consenting, there doesn't seem to be an issue. That is, unless ABC has strategically decided to only cast women who are much younger than Arie's age. But, that is another matter entirely.

So, why did The Bachelor decide to hide Bekah's age? Well, we're guessing it has to do with a plotline later in the season. In the trailer for The Bachelor season 22, we hear someone say, "I wonder if her age is going to be a dealbreaker." Yikes.

But, we're going to have to wait and see if Bekah's age is ever revealed in this season of The Bachelor!

UPDATE: In a Bachelor press screener, Bekah stated that she is in fact 22 years old. But, if that's true, then we have a ton of other questions!

How Old Is Bekah M. Now And When She Was On The Bachelor?


So, we know that The Bachelor is filmed before the new episodes air on ABC. So, how old is Bekah right now? And how old was Bekah when she filmed The Bachelor season 22? Well, if she is currently 22 with her birthday in February, then she probably was 22 when the show was being filmed. And seeing as it's still January right now, she's still 22 years old. But, Bekah will turn 23 in February, which is less than a month away!

What Is The Age Difference Between Arie And Bekah On The Bachelor?


Now, we're left wondering what the age difference between Arie and Bekah really is. So, how old is Arie on The Bachelor? He's currently 36 years old. So, what's 36 minus 22? Well, 14. That means that Arie and Bekah are 14 years apart.

Do you think Bekah's age is an issue, Bachelor fans??

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