How Long Is 'The Bachelor' Finale? The End of Colton's Season Will Shock You

how long is the bachelor finale tonight 2019
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How long will The Bachelor finale be? You won't want to miss what happens with Colton.

How Long Is 'The Bachelor' Finale? March 11 & 12 Can't Come Soon Enough

After Colton finally jumped the fence and an exciting Women Tell All on The Bachelor, it looks like season 23 is finally coming to a close with an incredible finale. Will the former football player – and dog lover – find his perfect match in the end? Will Colton find love? Everything unravels in the finale, leaving fans left to prepare for the big event. So how long is The Bachelor finale? Here's what we know so that you're ready for everything that's about to go down.

Colton's season of The Bachelor has had quite a few crazy moments. From the Women Tell All episode, we got to see all the drama on the table, but now, fans are dying to see what happens next for Colton after he confessed his love to Cassie and hopped over the fence, creating the buzz of the century on social media. Will Colton get back with Hannah G or Tayshia now that Cassie went home? We highly doubt it – unless Colton (and the girls) are willing to go with their second choice. Or perhaps will Colton go chasing after Cassie? He did say that he would fight for her.

Whatever happens, it all unravels soon.

What Time Will 'The Bachelor' 2019 Finale Start?

According to ABC, Colton's season of The Bachelor is getting a two-night live finale event starting on Monday, Mar. 11 and concluding on Mar. 12. But how long is The Bachelor 2019 finale?

Fans were shocked – and frankly a little annoyed – when ABC ran a 3-hour finale between 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. for Arie's season in 2018, especially when most of it dealt with Arie's awful and awkwardly silent breakup with Becca K.

Luckily, fans won't have to suffer like they did last year. Per ABC's schedule, it appears that because The Bachelor finale is split up into two nights, fans will get to see 2 hours of the finale on Monday night and 2 hours on Tuesday night, making The Bachelor finale a total of four hours long. Wow.

The Bachelor via ABC

Will 'The Bachelor' Finale Include 'After The Finale Rose'?

From the looks of the trailer for the upcoming season 23 finale, things are about to get real for Colton. He's going to have an intense conversation with his dad and then he'll continue on with the show. Will he chase after Cassie or even choose Hannah G or Tayshia? Fans will just have to wait and see.

However, we don't think that this is going to take the full 4-hours. ABC revealed that the finale will be part of a live event, meaning it's possible we'll get live coverage of a viewing party, kind of like what happened when the premiere aired in Jan.

According to a press release from ABC, Monday night will feature the aftermath of what happened last week. Meanwhile, Colton – and other Bachelor favorites like Blake, Jason, Ben, and Garrett – will talk about their feelings about the episode. Then on Tuesday night, Colton will decide how to move forward with the "remaining women," all while Colton takes the hot seat live in studio and Demi, Onyeka, Sydney, Jason, and Chris return to discuss what they think will happen next.

But, will the finale include After the Finale Rose?

The Bachelor's actual finale special, After the Final Rose, will air during the two-night finale on the 11th and 12th, per Refinery29.

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Will 'The Bachelor' Finale Announce 'The Bachelorette'?

According to the press release announced on Wednesday, Tuesday night's finale episode of The Bachelor will reveal who the next Bachelorette will be for season 15.

So yes, you should get ready. This announcement is going to be huge.

The Bachelor via ABC

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