How Does 'The Proposal' TV Show Work? | 2018

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The Proposal via ABC

Wondering how ABC's 'The Proposal' works? You're not alone.

How Does 'The Proposal' TV Show Work? | 2018

The Proposal is ABC's latest series, created by the same people who gave you The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise. So, you know it's going to be good for Bachelor Nation. But, the new series has fans everywhere wondering how does The Proposal tv show work? Here is everything you need to know about The Proposal. And yes, the whole thing is absolutely insane.

How Does The Proposal Work?

The Proposal via ABC

ABC has a rundown of what happens in this show. But, trust us. It's wild.

Essentially, the series follows a one-hour long format where each episode will feature 10 daters (men or women) that must compete with each other. The prize? Meeting and potentially proposing to one lucky suitor or "suitress." Yes, 10 individuals are hoping to possibly get engaged to a complete stranger by the end of the night.

How exactly does this work?

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According to ABC, the 10 daters will compete in "four pageant style" rounds. This includes the first impressions round, where the men or women attempt to "woo" their suitor. Then, comes the beachwear round, where the daters "bare their souls". Next, the daters will answer their suitor's romantic questions. And finally, the daters compete for a "seal of approval from the mystery person's most trusted family member."

After each round, the daters that don't impress or connect with their potential suitor will be eliminated until two daters are left.

The final two will then meet their potential suitor. The two will then present the "romantic proposal of their choice." That means that a marriage proposal could happen, depending on the person. But, will the suitor accept?

The Proposal Airs Every Monday at 10/9c.