How Does The Four Work? Fox's New TV Show Changes The Game!


How Does The Four Work? Fox's New TV Show Changes The Game

Are you obsessed with reality competition shows? Then, The Four: Battle for Stardome is definitely for you! But, fans everywhere are wondering how does The Four work. Although While we love simple reality singing competitions like American Idol and The Voice, The Four's structure completely changes the game. So, how does The Four tv show work? Well, we're telling you now, so don't worry! The Four tv show isn't complicated, but it is exciting. Like host Fergie says, every episode is like a finale. Let's get into it. Shall we?

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How The Four Works: Step One

So, here's how The Four tv show works. Think of it as working backward from a typical singing competition. First, the show starts out with four singers that have already been chosen from their auditions. Get it? The Four. But,  these singers, also called the challengers, are also the ones with the most to lose. Why? Challengers must defend their seats and stay at the top of the competition against incoming singers. So, how do people get kicked out of The Four?

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How The Four Works: Step Two

Auditioning singers need to impress the panelist of judges, including Sean "Diddy" Combs, DJ Khaled, Meghan Trainor, and Charlie Walk, before taking a seat as one of the four. So, a newcomer will audition in front of a live studio audience. The panelists must decide whether or not to move the singer to the next stage. If all judges vote "Yes," then the singer will move on. If there is a single "No," then the competition ends for that singer.

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How The Four Works: Step Three

Once chosen, the freshly auditioned singer will battle it out with one of the four current challengers of their choice. The challenger will go first. Then, the auditioner. So, who decides who wins this time? The audience. So, the round can go two ways. Either the original four singer keeps their seat or an incoming auditioner takes the seat. Once they win, they lock in their seat for the rest of the episode. But, wait. There's more.

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How The Four Works: Step Four: 

Each week, the remaining four at the end of the episode will be the challengers at the beginning of the next episode. Then, the cycle begins again. But, when does the The Four end? At the end of six weeks, after rounds of singing battles and eliminations, the last singer standing will win the competition.

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