How Do You Pronounce PyeongChang Without Sounding Mildly Racist?

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Wondering how to pronounce PyeongChang, the location for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea? We've got you covered on the correct "PyeongChang" pronunciation.

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How Do You Pronounce PyeongChang?

Wondering what the correct "PyeongChang" pronunciation is? Well, you're not alone, especially since the 2018 Winter Olympics are set in PyeongChang, South Korea. And let's be real. Since 2011, when the International Olympic Committee announced that the upcoming Winter Olympics would take place in PyeongChang, you've probably been struggling with how to pronounce PyeongChang. But, rather than pronouncing PyeongChang wrong and laughing about it for the next two weeks, you're looking up how to do it correctly, And that's progress, right? Maybe this means that Hollywood will stop giving Asian roles to white people. No? I digress. So, how do you say "PyeongChang"? Don't worry. It's not as difficult as it seems! You'll be saying it correctly by the opening ceremony on February 9th!


Pyeongchang Pronunciation

Here's how to pronounce "PyeongChang":

  • peeyong-chang

  • As NBC San Diego puts it, say it like "pyung chahng."

  • Just make sure not to oversell or drag out the "peey" part, and say it quickly.

Need more help? Check out this video:

Why Is The "C" In "PyeongChang" Sometimes Capitalized?

Traditionally, the "C" in Pyeongchang is not capitalized to write "PyeongChang." So, why is the "C" capitalized? According to Biz Journals, The International Olympic Committee and Korean organizers refer to the county as "PyeongChang" rather than "Pyeongchang" so people can better distinguish the location from the 2018 Winter Olympics from the North Korean capital, Pyongyang.

Yongpyong Pronunciation

For Yongpyong Alpine Centre

  • yong-pyung

Bokwang Pronunciation

For Bokwang Snow Park

  • boe-gwang

Gangneung Pronunciation

For Gangneung Coaster Cluster

  • gahng-neung

Jeongseon Pronunciation

For Jeongseon Alpine Centre

  • jung-sun

Kwandong Pronunciation

For Kwandong Hockey Center

  • gwan-doeung

For a video pronunciation, go here