Hot Topic Releases Polly Pocket Makeup Collection – And It's Vegan

hot topic polly pocket collection makeup
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The Polly Pocket takeover of 2019 starts now!

Polly Pocket Collection Arrives at Hot Topic

Hot Topic certainly understands old school cool.

Formerly known as that store in the mall that your mom probably avoided at all costs, Hot Topic has recently been home to fandoms and nostalgia goods.

Recently in celebration of Polly Pocket's 30th anniversary, Hot Topic released a Polly Pocket collection in collaboration with Mattel.

While the items aren't quite pocket-sized, everything in the anniversary collection is bound to make every '90s baby cry tears of rainbow tears, including a few makeup palettes that are actually vegan.

The Polly Pocket line includes an eyeshadow and lip palette that will bring back memories to those with the classic heart compact Polly Pockets back in the day.

Both the palettes come with their own classic Polly topper brush and come inside their own heart-shaped compact. You get a variety of different – and bright – colors.

Hot Topic also claims that the products are vegan and cruelty-free.

So if you're interested in reminiscing about the good old days, you can buy the Polly Pocket eyeshadow palette here and the lip palette here.

So what else can you get besides makeup?

Well, Hot Topic and Mattel made a ton of different items if you want to rep your love for Polly Pocket in real life.

From the classic quilted heart bag to these adorable socks that stole our heart, check out Hot Topic's site to view the whole collection here.

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