Fans Want to See Hannah G. & Blake in 'Bachelor In Paradise' & We're Not Complaining

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Do you want to see Hannah G. and Blake together? Are you sailing with this ship?

'Bachelor' Nation Wants to See Hannah G. & Blake Happen

Part one of Colton's Bachelor finale just aired on ABC Monday night, and fans were devastated for Tayshia and Hannah G. While fans were mentally prepared for Tayshia's fate after an awkward overnight date a few weeks ago, Bachelor Nation hasn't seen Hannah G. in some time. And not going to lie, the breakup was heartbreaking, especially considering Hannah G. wasn't expecting any of it since she didn't even get a chance to get a final date and was excited to see Colton when all of Bachelor Nation knew that Colton already confessed his love for Cassie.

Nonetheless, Hannah G.'s final impressions were great, as she threw out some great comebacks to the situation that could convince anyone to give her that Bachelorette title. "That's what I do, I make everyone better so they can not stick around," the Alabama native said, bringing all of Bachelor Nation to tears. We just want to see Hannah G. happy – and it certainly looks like fans have already rallied around one former Bachelorette contestant that could fit the bill. Yes, it looks like Bachelor Nation wants to see Hannah G. and Blake together on Bachelor in Paradise. And not going to lie, we are so here for it.

Whether or not you believe that Hannah G. and Blake would make a good match, Hannah G. deserves better than the cards she was dealt with Colton in Season 23.

But for those that think that they would be cute together, we wouldn't be opposed to the idea. For one, both individuals are insanely beautiful. They were also dumped by their respective Bachelor/Bachelorette late in the game. Both breakups were also devastating to watch and both Hannah G. and Blake were easy favorites for members of Bachelor Nation.

So here's to Hannah G. and Blake meeting on (or off) screen – if not for them, then for Bachelor Nation at the very least.

TPTB, please don't let us down!

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