The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Trailer Breakdown


Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Trailer Breakdown Spoilers

Praise be. Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale season 2 trailer has officially been released. The hit series is returning to Hulu on April 25th, and we're terrified of what the official season 2 trailer reveals. Is this what freedom looks like? From new characters to things we're excited about in the upcoming season, like Emily's (Alexis Bledel) return, here's our Handmaid's Tale season 2 trailer breakdown. But, be warned. This post is not free from spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

Before we dive into our breakdown, watch the trailer in the video below. And believe us. You'll get chills.

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Gilead Is Within You

The opening to the Handmaid's Tale season 2 trailer is powerful.

"Is this what freedom looks like?" Offred/June says in a voiceover as she sits in a metal holding cell. The hatch window opens, letting light into the cell, and Offred reaches her hand out.

"What will happen when I get out?" Offred. The hatch slams shut.

"There probably is no out," Offred continues as the screen jumps to two gun bullets. "Gilead is within you."

From the looks of it, Offred is in a tight spot. We already know that Offred returns to Gilead early in season 2. So, did we just see Offred getting recaptured? From the gash on Offred's face, which was also present in the final scene of the season 2 finale, we know that this scene in the trailer doesn't happen too much later.

Guesses aside, the trailer confirms the Gilead is within you theme that will play throughout season 2, something that the show's creatives revealed at PaleyFest. The show's creatives also revealed that it's almost kinder to die than to remain living in this world. Is that what they're trying to show us now? Probably.

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Serena Joy And The Commander Break Down

The next scene of the trailer shows Serena Joy and Commander Waterford arguing over Offred's disappearance.

"We can't explain this away," Serena Joy cries. "They're going to say that we're apart of the resistance."

"If you treated that girl one ounce of kindness she would have never have left," The Commander spat back.

So, this confirms that the Waterford household knows that Offred ran away rather than being taken away by Eyes. But, does it mean that the Waterford also brought Offred back into their home and they're keeping it a secret? Or is there something else going on here?

We do know that the Waterford household is tense throughout the start of season 2, but will eventually form into an alliance against Offred.

"They've come to an incredibly uneasy peace," show creator Bruce Miller said at PaleyFest 2018 "It hollowed out their marriage and made it a lot more empty, but I don't know if you'd see that from the outside. They seem like a united front."

Yikes. So, it looks like they won't argue for much longer.

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Punishment Comes For The Handmaids And The Resistance

The next sequence happens in flashes, but the viewer gets to see a few unfamiliar faces, including a man on the run with Offred, who doesn't have her handmaid's outfit on and a new character who says, "I will find every person involved and they will be punished."

What could he be talking about? The resistance? Likely.

From there, we see a couple of people chained down in a pool and a familiar scene from those who attended PaleyFest. From that clip, we already knew that punishment was coming to the handmaids for standing up against Aunt Lydia. This scene, which showed the handmaids holding out rocks in the rain, was briefly previewed in the trailer.

"You will love the Lord thy God with all your heart, or you will feel the pain of His judgment, for that is His love," Aunt Lydia said as the trailer flips through multiple scenes that has us asking more questions.

The Commander puts a gun to a man's head in the woods. But, who is the man? And why is Fred going to shoot? We bet it has something to do with finding Offred. Or it's a flashback sequence.

The next clip is a close up of Offred's face, tears brought to her eyes with a hammer in her hand. Again that gash is on her face, so we bet this is when she gets captured.

Then a ceremony. No, not that ceremony. But, one between the handmaids and the commanders' wives. It's one we haven't seen before.

Then we jump to a scene of a woman praying. We don't know who she is or where she is. A new character? We'll see.

And finally, Aunt Lydia speaking into the microphone in an open field, jumping to a group of handmaids who are about to be hanged.

Could this be the final punishment for resisting Aunt Lydia in season 1? Or are these the ones who were caught as part of The Resistance?

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June Sure Knows How To Pick Them

It looks like both men in Handmaid's Tale are getting an arc in keeping Offred safe. The trailer shifts to the only hopeful thing that keeps us going in the series. Moira and Luke are seen protesting, as Luke shakes off the police and Moira holds up a sign that reads, "My name is Moira".

"No matter what, I'm not going to stop," Luke said.

But, the trailer quickly jumps to a clip of Nick hugging Offred, whose silhouette is visibly pregnant.

"I'm trying to keep you alive. You and our baby," Nick said.

We'll see how this one plays out.

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Will June Reunite With Hannah?

It looks like we won't get to see June and Hannah reunite in season 2. Or if they do, it'll be towards the end of the season.

"She left me once. Now I have to leave her," June said as the trailer jumped to a flashback of Hannah being taken away and then to a clip of June turning away from the door of Hannah's presumably new family in Gilead.

A family reunion is definitely not something we can look forward to.

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Will Nick And Rita Help June Escape?

When June decides to "leave" Hannah, we see her in a new outfit that looks a lot like it could be a Martha or Econowife outfit. Is Offred hiding as a Martha?

The scene shifts to a shot of Rita and Nick as a voice says, "If your house has been infected by terrorists, I need to know."

So, does this mean that both Rita and Nick are helping June escape? Are they harboring her as a Martha? We're dying to know how this plays out.

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Fred Waterford Cracks The Whip

The trailer goes back to the Waterford household, where something outside catches Serena Joy's window.

The scene then jumps to The Commander.

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us," he says as he takes off his belt to whip someone. Who? We aren't sure. While we're pretty sure it's Offred, we're just hoping it's not.

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Janine And Emily Are In The Colonies

While we already knew that these two characters would be in the colonies in season 2, it hurt us all the same when we saw them in the trailer.

The next scene shows Janine and Emily working in the Colonies as Janine says, "We come here, we work, we die."

It looks like there's a little bit of spark in her still. And we wondering if it'll come out. But, we do know that life at the Colonies will be rough and as Madeline Brewer stated at PaleyFest, "sinister and gut-wrenchingly terrible."

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We Will See What Serena Joy Was Like Before Gilead

The trailer then jumps to Serena Joy from before Gilead. She is not like the person who we've come to know in season 1. She's leading.

"The future of mankind depends on what we do today," Serena screamed, amping up the crowd around her.

So, it looks like we're going to see how we got from America to Gilead.

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My name is June Osborn. I am free.

The final moments of the trailer prove that Handmaid's Tale season 2 will be exciting and anxiety-inducing. Beautifully cultivated shots of the new season were put together to show us the possible fates of our favorite characters and hope for a new era. From shots of handmaids running across a modern business district to Nick struggling in the grass, it looks like we've got some dark times ahead. But, one thing's for sure. June is roasting the patriarchy. And we cannot wait.