How Realistic Is Grey's Anatomy? A Certified Doctor Weighs In!

Looks like you can really have sex with a ghost! What?!

Plane crashes, mass murders, and romance, oh my! Grey's Anatomy can get pretty crazy sometimes, so we can't help but wonder how realistic Grey's Anatomy is. How close is Grey's Anatomy to real-life? Grey's can't possibly be realistic with all that drama going on, can it? Lucky for you, Cosmopolitan answered that question with an interview with Dr. Emma Wilding, who is a General Practitioner in the Accident & Emergency department. So, how realistic is Grey's Anatomy? Some of the answers will shock you!

1. When Izzie Stevens Had Visions Of Denny And Had Crazy Ghost Sex

Dr. Emma says, "It is possible, with brain tumours, to see visual hallucinations as well as audible and tactile hallucinations, but I've never seen anyone go to the same extent as Izzie. You don't usually experience all of those types of hallucinations together - you're more likely to get that with a psychosis. It's not impossible, but I don't think it's likely."

2. When Derek Shepherd Posted Brain Scans On The Hospital Elevator To Propose To Meredith

Dr. Emma says, "No, this is a massive breach of confidentiality. Everything stuck to hospital walls has to be laminated as well, there's so many things wrong with this, as sweet of a gesture as it is. He'd be at risk of losing his job and most doctors I know want to be proposed to as far away from a hospital as possible. Saying that, I would take it if Derek proposed to me in a lift."

3. When Meredith Grey Had An Emergency C-Section From Miranda Bailey In The Dark

Dr. Emma says, "Hospital power is safe as houses, you'd never need to perform a C-section in the dark. I remember being in a power outage once but the generators kicked in. As part of my training, we worked on a simulation dummy patient that was 'bleeding' after surgery and they turned the lights off to fake a power cut. We had to use battery-powered lights on to practice for an absolute emergency, but that would never happen in a hospital."

4. When Ben Warren Went Full Macgyver And Snapped The Metal On A Clipboard To Cut A Patient Open

Dr. Emma says, "This would never happen! The wound would be septic! In a hospital you're so close to everything and there are emergency buzzers and phones all around the hospital which will bring a team on-site in seconds. We're pretty much prepared for every situation. People do use biros outside of the hospital to reduce tension on lungs, but that needs to be done by someone who knows how."

5. When Callie Torres Performed An Amputation On A Patient's Leg And Reattached It To His Torso For A Bone Graft Harvest

Dr. Emma says, "You can do that. You need to be specialised and obviously you'd speak to the patient about the operation beforehand, so maybe there is some truth in it for really extreme circumstances. The thing with Grey's Anatomy is Dr Callie is a bone surgeon, but somehow she can reattach veins, which is a vascular surgeon's job. They're all doing jobs that aren't their own."

6. When A Petite Patient Had A Hip Dislocation Because Of A Night Of Passion With A "Big" Guy

Dr. Emma says, "I've seen many, many things, but never that. Potentially [this might happen] if she had a bone disorder and knew she was susceptible to that, but she'd know about that before she chose that particular partner."

7. When Arizona Robbins Left A Custody Battle To Put A Baby Back In Her Patient's Stomach After Having A C-Section

Dr. Emma says, "This is very unlikely in that context. Fetal surgeons are incredible but you'd prepare for that surgery over a long period, with counselling and consultations, and you'd talk to the mother before you chuck her into surgery. Doctors do disagree but always in the best interests of the patient and that would always happen before an operation, not in the middle of it. Equally, I'd question the morality of a doctor who is happy to come into a surgery after being wound up by their own personal issues. Whether or not calling a relative in to have a look at the baby would happen, I very much doubt it."

8. When The Doctors And Interns ALL Fall In Love With Each Other

Dr. Emma says, "No, this doesn't happen! When you're at work, you're running around all day with no time to notice who you're with. Your mind isn't on romance, your main concern is patients and when you'll get a lunch break. In general, doctors can end up with other people in healthcare because you have the same stresses, but you might meet them at staff parties, not on the job. Maybe medical school is different!"

What are you surprised by, Grey's fan?!

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