A Grey's Anatomy & Station 19 Crossover Is Coming & You're Going to Cry

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC

It's going to be "huge."

Station 19 Star Teases Grey's Anatomy Crossover: 'People Are Going to Cry'

Before Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 both come to an end with their respective seasons in May, it looks like fans of the Shondaland shows will get a chance to see one final crossover event for the Spring 2019 season. But, unfortunately, not only is this one going to be "huge," it's going to make fans "cry a lot." Yikes.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Danielle Savre (who plays Maya Bishop on Station 19) teased a few spoilers about the Grey's Anatomy/Station 19 crossover event. Now that we're well into both seasons—and deep enough in the spinoff series to understand each characters' motives—there will be plenty to unfold when the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial and first responders of Seattle's Station 19 meet again.

And yes, you should be very, very scared.

Station 19 via ABC

Not only did Savre confirm that the Station 19/Grey's Anatomy crossover was, indeed, happening, she also revealed a few details in regards to the episode.

In the Digital Spy interview, Savre promised that the episode would be huge and that fans will love it.

"It will affect every single person on the show," Savre said. "It's going to be huge. People are going to cry a lot. We all cried while filming it. It's going to be a rough, rough couple of episodes to watch."

Admittingly, we're not so sure we would call something that is worth crying over to equal something that we love. However, Savre really tries to explain that the episode is emotional, even if her character isn't at the heart of the drama.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

"Maya will be a part of it," Savre told the publication. "I'm not the centre of it. Another female cast member is at the centre of it, but so is another male cast member."

"It's going to be good. It's so good," she continued. "It's going to be very dramatic, and if people aren't crying, I'm going to think that there's something wrong with them because it's so emotionally going to pull at people's heartstrings. People will love it, that's all I can say."

If we had to guess, the only couple that both Grey's fans and Station 19 fans would be emotionally attached to is Ben and Bailey. So could this be the emotional storyline that will tug at people's heartstrings?

Only time will tell for now.

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