'Grey's Anatomy' Star Ellen Pompeo: James Toback Asked Me To Get Naked

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Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo on James Toback and sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Ellen Pompeo On James Toback

Last week, Grey's Anatomy's very own Caterina Scorsone (Amelia Shepherd) revealed that she was sexually harassed by director James Toback when she started acting. Now, another Grey's star has spoken up about her experience with Toback, and yes, it's just as disgusting as you think. Grey's Anatomy lead Ellen Pompeo came forward about meeting James Toback early in her career.

"I actually did have a situation with James Toback where I kind of told him to go (expletive) himself," Pompeo told USA Today. ""It was held in a public place and I brought a man — my friend Tony. And he didn't like that at all. And I could tell that. I could tell instantly that he was, like, no good. The minute my friend left, he asked me if I would get naked in a movie. And I was like, 'Really, dude? My friend has been missing all of 30 seconds and now you say that? I kind of laughed in his face."

If you didn't already know, other than these Grey's Anatomy starlets, Toback has been accused of sexual harassment by about 40 different women, including Legally Blonde's Selma Blair, who says Toback held her in his hotel room until he finished masturbating, and The Notebook's Rachel McAdams, who says Toback told her many times that he masturbated while thinking of her audition for Harvard Man.

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Ellen Pompeo On Harvey Weinstein

The claims against Toback come after the Harvey Weinstein scandal, who Pompeo says she also met at his hotel but was lucky to get out unscathed.

"I met with Harvey at the Peninsula and he didn't try anything on me," she said. "I was very lucky. I escaped those clutches."

In fact, Pompeo recognizes that she has been lucky compared to many other actresses in the same industry.

"I've been so lucky and maybe part of my choice to stay was (due to) knowing exactly what my environment was," Pompeo said. "Going out there and auditioning for jobs and basically having to beg men and get their approval for jobs was never fun for me. Even though I didn't have any terrible experiences like some of these poor girls, this is the environment and you're aware of it. I'm very grateful in my choice to stay in my safe space."

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