Grey’s Anatomy Winter Premiere Spoilers: Meredith & DeLuca

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Ready for some romance?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Winter Premiere Spoiler: The Scoop on Meredith and DeLuca

Nobody does a midseason finale cliffhanger quite like Grey's Anatomy. And the season 15 winter finale certainly did not disappoint.

While we're obviously pained by this silly hiatus, we're dying to find out what's coming for our favorite characters in the Grey's Anatomy winter premiere, including what truth might come out now that Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) are trapped in an elevator together.

So what's coming for MerLuca in the midseason premiere in 2019? Here is what Gianniotti had to say.

But beware! This article contains spoilers for the next all-new episode.

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Where We Last Saw Meredith and DeLuca

As we mentioned, Meredith and DeLuca are stuck in an elevator together.

The drama?

DeLuca just admitted to Meredith that he was in if she was.

"While I'm feeling brave, I'm not sorry I kissed you at the wedding because it's all I've been able to think about ever since," DeLuca said. "And I know you have options. But I want you to know that I'm around."

Meredith initially hesitated, giving a laundry list of reasons why they shouldn't be together, but DeLuca moved closer to Meredith and said, "Look, we can go through all these excuses but I know you feel it too."

At this point, every Grey's fan is now collectively thinking when the hell did DeLuca get so hot, but somehow Meredith responded.

"I've been having such a week and I don't trust my thinking so I'm going to walk out of here," Meredith said. "But I'm going to think about what you said when I'm able to think."

Seriously? Seriously.

There's so much tension in the scene, it's difficult to forget. And we were left wanting more. Luckily, it looks like we're going to get it in the premiere.

What Giacomo Gianniotti Has to Say About MerLuca in the Midseason Premiere

Turns out, Gianniotti has plenty to say about what's happening between Meredith and DeLuca when we return in 2019, including where we find these characters.

"When we come back, we're still stuck in that know, Meredith's been running from DeLuca in a way, every time he's offered something," Gianniotti said. "So this is finally a chance where he's kinda got her backed in a corner, so there's nowhere to run so she has to talk, she has to tell DeLuca how she feels."

Is your heart racing yet? Because it's about to get a lot more heated. Meredith will have to face what she feels for DeLuca head on.

And according to Gianniotti, it might even help them fall in love with each other a little more.

"She will kind of say how she feels, they're gonna have a really heart to heart conversation about their lives and get to know each other on a more deeper, emotional level," Gianniotti said. "I think this is going to help both of them fall more in love with each other."

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So What About Link?

What does this mean for the epic love triangle that Grey's Anatomy has cooking up?

Well, it's not over yet. Link (Chris Carmack) is definitely still in the picture.

"It's very much a love triangle," Gianniotti said. "But in a chess game between Link and I, this is where I have a move against him because I get this special time in this elevator that he doesn't, so he's going to have to work very hard to catch up."

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Grey's Anatomy Returns to ABC in 2019

Are you ready for MerLuca? Or are you still rooting for Link? Let us know!