Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Winter Finale Spoilers From Kevin McKidd

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We're getting REALLY nervous about this storm.

Kevin McKidd Spills on What's Coming for Teddy, Owen, and Amelia in the Grey's Anatomy Winter Finale

The Grey's Anatomy season 15 winter finale is finally here and actor Kevin McKidd has the scoop on what's to come for his character, Owen Hunt, Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), and Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) moving forward.

After a long or tortuous journey for Grey's fans, the Owen, Amelia, and Teddy "love triangle" hasn't exactly progressed since the season premiere. Owen and Amelia are still fostering a baby together and it looks like they're falling in love. Meanwhile, Teddy still hasn't told Owen that she's pregnant with his baby. However, both Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) know.

So what could possibly go wrong? Will we finally see Teddy tell Owen the truth?

McKidd, who happens to also be directing the winter finale that is titled "Blowin' in the Wind," had a few things to say about the situation.

And to be honest, we're a little scared for all three of them. But would it really be a Grey's Anatomy midseason finale if we weren't?

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What's Happening in the Winter Finale?

Since we know that a storm is coming to the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial in more ways than one, what mess will we find Owen, Amelia, and Teddy in this week?

In an interview with TV Insider, McKidd revealed that his character is still blissfully unaware of Teddy's pregnancy, but Maggie and Meredith might be getting involved soon.

"[Owen] is still in blissful ignorance," McKidd said. "Teddy's big ask not to tell Owen and Amelia has been hard for Meredith and Maggie. It's interesting how it will all unravel."

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But wait, there's more and looks like things are going to get pretty intense.

"There's a big windstorm, and the hospital is incredibly busy. The craziness of that throws Teddy, Owen and Amelia together," McKidd revealed. "Amelia and Teddy's relationship is already charged, and things get intense among them all."


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We are intrigued by the drama, but we definitely have so more questions now. Does this mean Owen and Amelia will finally know about the pregnancy in the winter finale? Will Owen become the father he's always wanted to be to Teddy's baby or will he stick with Amelia?

McKidd expressed that while he's happy that Teddy returned, he's also "very committed to Amelia."

As for what that means for his baby with Teddy, McKidd only had this to say: "Poor guy, he wished to be a father for so many seasons. I'll say be careful what you wish for."

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Are you excited for the drama that is brewing? And are you ready for the Grey's Anatomy season 15 winter finale?