Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Spoilers: Are Maggie and Jackson Over?

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Jackson and Maggie are still 'dancing toward each other' on Grey's Anatomy season 15!

Maggie and Jackson to Explore Each Other in Grey's Anatomy Season 15

Despite Jackson's (Jesse Williams) potential emotional cheating, Maggie's (Kelly McCreary) fear to let people in, and the fan backlash against their love, Jaggie might survive in Grey's Anatomy season 15.

We were worried for the couple after Jackson's disappearing act in the first few episodes of season 15. In fact, the status of Jaggie was still complicated at best by the midseason finale when Maggie found out that Jackson's mom was diagnosed with cancer.

When Grey's returned for the midseason premiere on Thursday, fans got to see Jackson and Maggie support one another. However, we know this isn't the end of their very rocky journey.

Wondering what's to come for Jaggie in the next few weeks? Here's what McCreary and Williams had to say about their onscreen alter egos.

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Whether you like them or not, you have to admit that Jackson definitely benefits from having Maggie by his side after what happened with April (Sarah Drew) and Samuel as well as his grandfather in season 14.

"He's struggling," Williams said. "There was a lot of negativity dredged up around him that has for so long represented him. So a lot of cracks were exposed in the façade."

Williams also admitted that both characters need to work on a few things right now.

"While Maggie's been terrific for him, people have to fix themselves," Williams said. "Jackson realized that, and that's what contributed to him taking off on that [spiritual] quest… and developing relationships outside of his romantic relationship. That's hard for Maggie to deal with, but she's got all these crappy [communication] habits, so it's a lot like real life. We come with our baggage."

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So will the two be able to unpack that baggage in season 15?

McCreary thinks that the couple could still learn a few things about themselves.

"Jackson learned something important after his relationship [with April]," McCreary said. "And one thing Maggie can learn is to not let the opportunity pass by and learn in the moment. So they're still dancing toward each other and exploring."

But does this mean that they can learn and grow together?

"As long as they truly love each other and can be mature and call time-out when they need to, I think they're figuring it out," Williams said.

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