Who Is Jackson’s Mystery Woman on Grey’s Anatomy–Will We Ever Meet Kate?

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Who is Kate?

Will We Ever Meet Jackson’s Mystery Woman on Grey’s Anatomy?

Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) have a lot to work on when it comes to love and relationships on Grey's Anatomy.

While we know that the couple is supporting each other this season, as Jackson's mom undergoes aggressive cancer treatment, we can't help but remember why Jackson and Maggie are in the mess that they're in the first place.

Ultimately, we know that Maggie is trying to navigate herself and learning how to let others in. Meanwhile, Jackson is trying to explore life after April (Sarah Drew). Plus, at the start of season 15, we learned that Jackson disappeared for weeks and bonded with a woman, Kate, at a monastery. Oh right, and she continued to send Jackson texts that said she missed him with full-on heart emojis.

Something we can't get out of our head is who Jackson's mystery woman? Will we ever get to meet Kate? Here's what we know so far.

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Jesse Williams Reveals If We Will Meet Jackson's Mystery Woman

In an interview with TVLine, Williams opened up about Jackson's emotional fling during his sabbatical.

Williams noted that he would "like it" if Kate came back to Grey Sloan.

However, it looks like we won't see her anytime soon.

"It's drama. There hasn't been a hint of it [in the scripts thus far]," Williams said.

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If this is true, perhaps "Kate" was simply used as a catalyst to throw Jackson and Maggie apart — and then back together.

She was meant to be a faceless character to push Jaggie into seeing what was right in front of them so that they could actually move forward.

Though, Williams wouldn't mind if Kate did show up to cause some more drama between Jaggie.

"You know what?" Williams said. "I'm gonna send a text message to [showrunner] Krista Vernoff."

So if Kate ever comes back in a future episode, you know exactly who to blame.

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