13 Times the 'Grey's Anatomy' Record-Breaking Special Gave Us the Feels

grey's anatomy season 15 episode 15 recap
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Bokhee spoke. AGAIN!

Our Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 15 Recap

Call the fire department. Because the record-breaking episode of Grey's Anatomy was everything we needed it to be – and then some. While it may not have been as perfect as the 300th episode, where we basically got to see the spirits of Izzie (Katherine Heigl), Cristina (Sandra Oh), and George (T.R. Knight) return to Grey Sloan, the 332nd episode was certainly a cause for celebration. Yes, Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 15 was certainly one to watch for all of its little moments that made our fan hearts sing praises for the Grey's team, including our very own Chandra Wilson, who directed the episode. And don't even get us started on that ending! So, without further adieu, here are fifteen times we had the feels during the 332nd episode of Grey's Anatomy.

1. Every MerLex Moment In the Episode

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We haven't seen much of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex (Justin Chambers) in recent episodes. But, it's nice to see that even though Alex is happily married to Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Meredith is busy with her own record-breaking life, the two are still best friends and each other's "person." However, two scenes stuck out to us – and they were both incredibly adorable!

At the beginning of the episode, Meredith tells Alex about DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) – and his reaction is priceless. First, Alex has to ask if Meredith is telling him as a boss or a friend. As her boss, he told her to report their relationship to HR, but as a friend, Alex told her that he hopes that DeLuca makes her happy. While we all let out a collective "aww," we also loved Alex being, well, Alex as he told Meredith off for treating Jo like dirt for the first few years. While we knew he was kidding, we wondering how DeLuca and Alex's relationship will progress now.

Then came another scene at the end of the episode when Alex introduced his mom, Helen (Lindsay Wagner), to Meredith as his best friend. Even before Meredith replied with," And he's mine," our hearts melted. It was a short scene, but it was so nice to see.

2. And Every Steamy Scene Between Meredith & DeLuca

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Speaking of DeLuca, could you see the sparks between MerLuca tonight? Seriously, the spark was off the charts. Not that we're complaining, but do these two do anything but make out all the time? They're both so attractive that it's hard to complain.

Regardless, we loved that the scenes tonight showed a playful side to Meredith that we haven't exactly seen since Derek (Patrick Dempsey) died. She was giggling and just having a good time.

Oh, right. And that scene when Richard (James Pickens Jr.) walked in on the couple making out? SO awkward! Imagine having the man – who is basically your father figure – walk into a room where you're on top of one of your coworkers? Insanely awkward and uncomfortable, but we certainly got a laugh or two out of it.

3. But What's Wrong With Alex's Mom?

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Did anyone else scream at Helm (Jaicy Elliot) for not freaking specifying which "Mrs. Karev" she was referring to? Seriously, it would have caused a lot less confusion. However, we did get a few funny scenes of Alex and Jo searching Jackson's (Jesse Williams) house. Plus, we also got that adorable Alex-smile after the fire that he thought his mom was hallucinating turned out to be a real fire.

That being said, we are a little bit worried about Helen and whether or not she is – or will have – a mental break in the next few episodes. Why did she decide to come back now? What's going on with Helen Karev? We're going to have to wait and see. And not going to lie, the anticipation is killing us.

4. When Bokhee Spoke Again & It Was ADORABLE

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Raise your hand if you want the rest of the series to be called Bokhee's Anatomy. Because we are so here for it. In last week's episode, fans heard Bokhee (Bokhee An) speak for the first time in ages, and this week, she does it again. Only this time, in Korean.

In a quick scene, Meredith and DeLuca meet in a hallway, where Bokhee and a man named Jay, who we presume is her husband, are standing. DeLuca says hello and we see Bokhee turn to Jay and tell him that DeLuca loves Meredith. However, since Bokhee is speaking a different language, both Meredith and DeLuca don't know what's going on.

Very cute.

5. The Awkward Tension Between Amelia, Teddy, Owen, and Koracick

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We'll be honest. It's kind of a shame that Teddy (Kim Raver) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) somehow felt more distant than usual after last week's episode after Teddy saved Betty (Peyton Kennedy).

Regardless, in tonight's episode, Amelia and Owen (Kevin McKidd) caught Teddy and Koracick (Greg Germann) making out in the hallway. Obviously, Owen did not approve. Then, when Teddy and Koracick announced they were going to take a first-class trip to California, Owen objected. Because of course he did. Seriously, Owen is the worst. We love McKidd, but Owen is too damn controlling and we're sick of it.

6. When Amelia FINALLY Told Owen How It Is

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Given our stance on Owen, we were glad when Amelia screamed at him during the party. While at the beginning of the episode, we felt for the couple after Leo and Betty walked out without so much as a goodbye, the two clearly weren't in a good place and they were just letting each other slip right past their fingers. Meanwhile, Owen's focus was entirely on Teddy and Koracick.

While Owen admitted that he was just upset about Koracick being in Teddy's life, and by extension, his baby's life, Amelia pointed out that she was in a love circle that was just going around and around. However, she realized that she shouldn't try anymore and was taking herself out of the equation.

Our hearts broke for Amelia. But, if we're being real, we think she deserves better than Owen's BS. And unless Owen can show us a different side to him in the coming weeks, this is going to be the hill we die on.

7. And Koracick Punched Owen In the Face

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Sorry if you're an Owen fan, but the punches just keep on coming. Pun intended. Later in the episode, things escalate further between Owen, Koracick, and Teddy. When Catherine (Debbie Allen) finally makes a debut to her party, Owen is screaming at Koracick and Teddy over Koracick's character. Rude.

Regardless, one thing leads to another and Korakick punches Owen in the face, and now, it's clear that while he can be a bit odd, Koracick is the only good man in this situation.

Amelia, who sees the whole thing go down, excuses herself and leaves. Same, girl.

8. When Bailey Called Catherine Out

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Rewinding back to Catherine and Bailey before they enter the party, we loved every second of screentime these two women shared together. And while Catherine was acting relatable AF, like doing everything she could to avoid going out that night and for wanting to just celebrate with her family with crappy food and expensive champagne, Catherine revealed that she was stressed and didn't want to celebrate. Why? Because she wasn't exactly cancer free.

While our hearts went to her, Bailey stayed strong for all of us, per usual. She called Catherine a hypocrite for calling for easy joy through material things, while acting out like this. However, she tells Catherine to celebrate her life.

"Right now, we're alive," Bailey said. "We're still here and people love us. That's cause to celebrate."

We wholeheartedly agree.

9. And Richard Telling Maggie to Start Her Own Fire

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Throughout the episode, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) was going around because her bully went out and wrote an article about her bravery and how she was the one who had the courage to save herself. While we were initially annoyed at Maggie for acting out, it was understandable. This is the woman who got under her skin. And she was (seemingly) taking credit for the incredible work that Maggie did.

Regardless, Richard spoke with Maggie, telling her about the workplace racism he experienced while he was a resident. Richard said that he was plenty pissed, too. However, he told Maggie that if someone takes your story, you take it back. Instead of being upset, Maggie should tell her own story, but louder. Now, it's Maggie's turn to start her own fire. And yes, we are so here for that!

10. When We Realized We NEED Ben to Come Back to 'Grey's Anatomy'

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Okay, so we've thought about this a lot recently. However, we're craving it more than ever. Towards the end of the episode, Ben (Jason George) came back to put out the fire caused by Meredith when she was trying to "act normal" after being caught by Webber.

But, it wasn't until a moment with Bailey that made us really miss him on the flagship series. It was only a few seconds, but we got to see a brief moment between Ben and Bailey that was adorable. Bailey told Ben about the $800 blender she bought online that she bought for herself because she deserved that. Ben's look said it all, and while it seemed like he was amused, it was clear that he knew that she deserved it, too.

Then, we got a few lines of flirtation that was absolutely adorable. Bailey told Ben that he could wear his uniform home anytime he wanted. Ben replied that he needed to because Bailey was "on fire." Ugh, these cuties. I can't.

11. Wait, Betty's Parents RETURNED LEO?!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Now, for the big news. In the plot twist of the century, Betty and her parents decided to – get this – return Leo to Amelia and Owen. Admittingly, we were skeptical, since, well, a baby isn't just something you can decide to return when you realize it isn't going to work and you have other responsibilities you need to handle first.

Regardless, we know how much Leo means to Amelia and Owen, so we're happy for them. Kind of.

Remember that Amelia decided that she was done. So, what does this mean for Owen and Amelia? Personally, we would love for Amelia to be done with Owen. However, it looks like this is going to hook them in for a long time.

12. But At Least Amelia Finally Got Her Goodbye

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Whatever happens between Owen and Amelia now will unfold in upcoming episodes. However, while Amelia was upset that Betty left without saying much of a goodbye, we're glad that at the end of the episode, they hugged it out and had a proper goodbye.

Scorsone's acting is flawless and we couldn't help but shed a tear here, too.

13. Oh, Right. And Then Carina RETURNED With...

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

Okay, so now for the bombshell of the episode. And it happened in the last minute, per true Grey's Anatomy fashion. Meredith and DeLuca are about to walk into DeLuca's apartment and – dare we say it – do the deed. However, Carina (Stefania Spampinato) shows up unexpectedly! But, she's not the only one.

Suddenly, a man comes out and guess who it is? It's DeLuca's – errm, we probably have to call him Andrew now – father.

Andrew is clearly stunned and that's when the episode ends.

So what's coming? We're about to find out.

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