Grey's Anatomy Season 14: Teddy Returns And 5 Characters We Also Want Back!

Teddy Altman might be returning to Grey's Anatomy Season 14, but here are 5 characters we also want back at Grey Sloan Memorial!

5 Characters We Want Back In Grey's Anatomy Season 14

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So, unless you've been living under a Grey's Anatomy rock, you've probably heard that Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) is returning to Grey's Anatomy in Season 14! It's not surprising, considering she was the one who identified Megan Hunt in Grey's Anatomy Season 13. Regardless, we're still super excited to see a familiar face at Grey Sloan Memorial, even if it's only for a guest appearance! But, Teddy's return to Grey's Anatomy Season 14 made us think of other fan favorite characters we would love to see back on Grey's Anatomy in Season 14! Here are our picks! Do you agree?

1. Cristina Yang

How could a Grey's fan NOT want Cristina Yang to come back? Grey's Anatomy hasn't been the same since Cristina left in Season 10. (And for the most part, not in a good way.) But, we would love to see her come back, chill with Meredith and Alex and cause some drama or resolution between Owen and Amelia! Shonda, PLEASE.

2. Derek Shepherd

Okay, okay. We know! Derek is dead. He can't exactly come back. But honestly! Denny Duquette got to come back as a freaking tumor ghost. Why can't Derek come back in a storyline that is just as crazy? We want to see him interact with Meredith, especially since she is moving on with her life. Sigh. We just miss our weekly dose of McDreamy.

3. Addison Montgomery

We haven't seen Addison in forever. We don't even think she came up for Derek's funeral. It's time. We know that she's probably still kicking ass in California, but want to see where she ended up. She could show up and support Amelia while she is busy supporting Owen! It's a tough time, and Addison could totally fill that role!

4. Callie Torres

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Since learning that Callie's final exit wasn't really her proper sendoff, we've been "patiently" waiting for her to come back to Grey's Anatomy! Her story just feels so incomplete. And we really want to see Sofia! Come back, Callie!

5. Izzie Stevens

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We know this probably won't happen, even if we weren't satisfied with how she left. But, ever since Alex introduced himself as Alex Stevens in Season 13, we've been keeping our fingers crossed! Honestly! Could you just imagine the drama that would follow? What would happen between Jo and Alex? It would be like Alex's final test of maturity.

Who is your top pick to return to Grey's Anatomy Season 14??

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