Sarah Drew Talks Japril For 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 14 And You're So NOT Going To Be Happy About It

Sarah Drew (April Kepner) talks Japril and YIKES.

Well, Grey's Anatomy fans. Looks like Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) will be getting together during Grey's Anatomy Season 14 and we're totally not here for it. But now, Sarah Drew, who plays April Kepner in Grey's, has opened up about the fate of Jackson and April. So, will #Japril rise in Grey's Anatomy Season 14 or will #Jaggie win the race in the end?

Will Jackson Avery And Maggie Pierce Get Together In Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

In the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale, April (and every other Grey's fan), noticed a bit of chemistry between Jackson and Maggie. Even though some Grey's fans see the pairing as random, we're pretty sure that Jaggie will be a thing, or at least hook-up, during Season 14 of Grey's.

But, do you remember what else happened in Season 14, Grey's fan? Japril The Sequel.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Will Jackson Avery And April Kepner Get Together In Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

When Jackson and April went up to Montana, they totally hooked up. But, the problem is, no one has spoken about the hookup since. Not. One. Single. Mention.

Well, they'll be forced to talk about it now since it's looking like Miss Maggie Pierce is moving in on April's man.

Sarah Drew recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the possibility of another Japril reunion. Here's what she had to say:

"Everything was okay if nobody was in the mix. Now she's seeing there's a real potential he could move on and it's going to cause her to actually force the conversation."

Excuse me, Sarah? So, you're telling me that Maggie is literally the only thing that is standing between Japril and they're actually going to talk about their relationship in Season 14?

We're not sure if we should cry out of frustration or joy. Sure, Maggie and Jackson might have some spark, but April and Jackson have history. We're excited to see it unfold!

Place your bets! Will April choose Jackson in the end? Or Will Maggie get there first?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 returns to ABC on September 28 at 8|7c!

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