Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Spoilers: Kevin McKidd Promises Classic Cliffhanger For Midseason Finale


Forget everything you knew about the new and light Grey's Anatomy. The Season 14 midseason finale will feature and life and death storm and a classic cliffhanger!

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Spoilers: The Fall Finale

Whoever told us that Grey's Anatomy Season 14 was going to be lighter was a liar! Certainly, we've seen a lot more humor on Grey's and we appreciate the effort, but everywhere we turn, the Grey's crew has still managed to put our hearts to a stop, from Nathan Riggs' (Martin Henderson) departure to the tearjerking 300th episode special where Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) finally won the freaking Harper Avery. And now, we're hearing that Grey's Anatomy is about to deliver an epic and intense fall finale this Thursday. Too soon? We thought so too! So, what does the Grey's crew have to say about the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 fall finale? You're going to need an epi for this one!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

What's Happening On The Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Fall Finale?

On Thursday's episode, which is called "Out of Nowhere," the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital doctors must "get creative to treat patients after a hacker shuts down the hospital's computer system."

Don't think that ABC's description is terrifying? Watch the midseason finale's trailer below:

Showrunner Krista Vernoff On Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Fall Finale

Now that you're caught up on what's coming, here's what co-showrunner Krista Vernoff had to say about the midseason finale. And yes, the Grey's episode is about to feel very different and not in a happy kind of way. Vernoff compares the episode to an "edge-of-your-seat action movie," and even Vernoff admits that she had a hard time coming around to the idea brought up by writer William Harper.

"When Bill pitched me the hacking [story] I said, ‘Don't we usually do some great big giant storm or something?'" Vernoff told TV Line. "And he said, ‘This is a great big giant storm. When people hack hospitals it is a life and death storm.' It's incredible what he's done. It's completely different tonally from last week's [nostalgia-soaked 300th episode]."

Giant life and death storm? Excuse me? While we have a hard time picturing this Grey's Anatomy action hour event, we're a little worried for what this means, especially after hearing what Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen Hunt, has to say about the finale's ending.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Kevin McKidd On Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Fall Finale

McKidd, who also directed the midseason finale episode, hinted at what's coming in the end of the episode, and yes. We are absolutely terrified.

McKidd describes the episode as "kind of like Speed [without] the bus," adding, "It's a moving freight train, and then it hits this point at the end of the episode where you're like, ‘What's going to happen?' It really is a classic and beautifully done cliffhanger episode."

Do you have chills? Because we do!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 returns to ABC every Thursday at 8|7c!

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