Every Reason We're Afraid Of Megan Hunt In Grey's Anatomy Season 14


Are you ready for the storm that Megan Hunt will bring to Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

Every Reason We're Afraid Of Megan Hunt In Grey's Anatomy Season 14

The long awaited arrival of Megan Hunt in Grey's Anatomy Season 14 is finally here! After Megan's intense reveal in Grey's Anatomy Season 13 and the sudden recasting from Bridget Regan to Abigail Spencer in the summer, we'll finally get to see what kind of havoc Megan Hunt brings to the table in Grey's Anatomy Season 14. However, it's not all fun and games at Grey Sloan Memorial. So, what will Megan Hunt do in Grey's Anatomy Season 14? We're a little scared to find out! So, here's every reason we're afraid of Megan Hunt in Grey's Anatomy Season 14!


Megan Hunt Will Cause Chaos

Early spoilers suggested that Megan return to Grey's in Season 14 would bring a ton of drama and chaos. But, how will Megan bring on the thunder? Will she even know who she is? Who knows? She's been missing for ten years. That a hell of a long time. She might not even be the same person she was before.


How Will Megan's Arrival Affect Owen?

It's no surprise that Owen was in shock at the end of Grey's Anatomy Season 13. But, we also got a glimpse of Owen's PTSD coming back after finding out that his sister was actually alive. We're afraid that his PTSD is going to revert back to how it was prior to Cristina. That's not a good sign.


How Will Megan's Arrival Affect Meredith And Riggs?

What exactly will happen with Meredith and Riggs once Megan is back in the picture? Will Grey's revert to early seasons, where Meredith is stuck in the middle of yet another love triangle? AHEM, we're talking about the Addison/Derek/Meredith situation. It definitely seemed like the end of Season 13 made it pretty clear that Meredith matured since Season 1. So, let's just hope Mer doesn't go all dark and twisty again, too.

Are you ready for Megan's arrival in Grey's Anatomy Season 14? We aren't!

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