Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Spoilers: Executive Producer Talks Cristina Yang & Callie Torres Return!

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Will Cristina Yang and Callie Torres return in Grey's Anatomy Season 14? Grey's executive producer reveals all!

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Executive Producer Talks Callie Torres and Cristina Yang Return

If there's one thing that Grey's Anatomy fans want, it's a comeback from an old fan favorite in Grey's Anatomy Season 14. From Meredith Grey's (Ellen Pompeo) old flame, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), to the fiercest Grey Sloan doctors, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez), we want to see a familiar face. And Teddy Altman's (Kim Raver) return in the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere, fans have been wondering if we'll see more Grey's alums returning to our screens! So, are Cristina Yang and Callie Torres returning in Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

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Is Cristina Yang Returning In Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

In an interview with TVLine, Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Executive Producer, Krista Vernoff spoke up about the possible return of Cristina Yang. Unfortunately, not everything was what we had hoped.

"I would give anything for a visit from Sandra Oh," Vernoff said. "Do you know her? Can you call her and talk her into it?"

While the highly anticipated 300th episode of Grey's Anatomy is said to be nostalgic and would give the perfect opportunity for Cristina to come back for a brief moment, seeing as she's Meredith's person and all.

"That would be a fine occasion for a visit," Vernoff said in agreement, "but it's not happening. So I don't want people imagining or hoping it will and then being disappointed. Sandra may one day come back for the end [of the series] or something, but she's not coming back this season."

At least this means that there is no end to Grey's as of now. Right?

Is Callie Torres Returning In Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

Now that our dreams have been thoroughly crushed by the lack of Cristina Yang until possibly the end of the series, our hopes are up for the return of Callie Torres. But, what does the Grey's team have to say about a Callie return in Season 14?

"There's nobody who's a bigger fan of hers than I am, she has moved on from the show," Vernoff sighed. "If she would come back, I would be thrilled to have her. But she's got a very busy life in New York."

There you have it. It looks like Callie will not be returning to Grey's Anatomy in Season 14. Our hearts are officially shattered. But, at least it looks like we might get an appearance from Sofia in Season 14!

""I'm very much keeping alive the idea that Arizona is Sofia's mother, too," Vernoff said, "and we are getting back to her parenting in certain ways this season."

Are you upset that Callie AND Cristina are not returning to Grey's in Season 14? We are!

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