Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Spoilers: Ben And Bailey Breakup Is "Possible"

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Looks like Ben Warren and Miranda Bailey might break up on Grey's Anatomy! Jason George has the details!

Are Ben Warren And Miranda Bailey Breaking Up On Grey's Anatomy?

Looks like we've got some trouble in paradise on Grey's Anatomy and we are totally not okay with it. After we heard that Ben Warren (Jason George) was leaving Grey's Anatomy for the unnamed firefighter spinoff, we all wondered what would happen with Ben and Miranda Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) relationship. While George previously reassured fans that Ben and Bailey would be just fine, now we're not so sure. And we bet we're headed for heartbreak in the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 midseason finale. Wondering if Ben and Bailey will breakup on Grey's Anatomy? Stay tuned for what George has to say!

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Jason George On Ben And Bailey On Grey's Anatomy

In the 300th episode of Grey's Anatomy, we clearly saw that Bailey was having troubles with Ben's decision to become a firefighter. And from what George has to say, we aren't sure if they're going to make it through.

Geroge recently told TV Line, that a breakup between Ben and Bailey is "a genuine possibility." And while we would love to see Bailey and Ben ride off into the sunset in the Grey's Anatomy series finale, George admits that "nothing lasts forever."

Tear out our hearts, why don't you?!

Things Will Get REAL Hot Between Ben And Bailey

While we're obviously torn with this news, George still has some hope for the couple's future.

"Best-case scenario is, it gets real hot," George admitted. "And that's meant both for the pun and about their relationship. That's as good as Ben can hope for."

While we're expecting some steamy heat coming from Ben and Bailey, we can't help but feel a little nervous about George's pessimism when it comes to our favorite couple on Grey's Anatomy. Guess we'll just have to see what's next for Ben and Bailey in the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 midseason finale.

Do you think Ben and Bailey will break up? We certainly hope not!

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 returns to ABC every Thursday at 8|7c!

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