Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Spoilers: April To Tackle Police Bias And Jo Deals With Domestic Violence


Wondering what's happening in the second half of Grey's Anatomy Season 14? We've got the scoop!

Grey's Anatomy Gets Real With Police Bias And Domestic Violence Storylines

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 airs its winter midseason finale tonight, but we bet you're already anxious about what's coming in the second half. While we're anticipating the classic Grey's cliffhanger from tonight's episode, fans are already looking ahead and wondering what storylines will emerge and it looks like both April Kepner (Sarah Drew) and Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) are getting massively important arcs for any person in today's society in the next half of Grey's Anatomy Season 14. Co-showrunner Krista Vernoff has the scoop!

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Krista Vernoff On Second Half Of Grey's Anatomy Season 14

Vernoff revealed some incredible details on the next half of Grey's, specifically for April Kepner. It certainly looks like Grey's Anatomy was inspired by current events.

"We're taking on some very real issues this year," Vernoff told Entertainment Weekly. "We're doing an episode that focuses on police bias, in addition to the domestic violence storyline. April is at the center of an episode that really looks at the injustices of the world and how a character like her processes that."

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14: April Kepner And Police Bias

It'll be interesting to see what Vernoff and Shonda Rhimes have planned for April in the upcoming half of Grey's Anatomy. We're guessing that April will begin the episode not knowing why police bias happens or that it even exists in our society, but she'll (hopefully) come to understand by the end of the episode. While this is a polarizing topic, we expect the episode to be a learning experience for the audience as well, particularly those that do not believe that police bias exists.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14: Jo Wilson's Husband Returns

If you're into details, you probably caught that Vernoff mentioned that Grey's was also tackling a domestic violence storyline. For those of you that didn't know, she is implying Paul Stadler's (Matthew Morrison) return to Grey's in the second half of the season. We're also hearing that Jo will get her chance to shine and stand up to domestic violence.

While these topics mean that Grey's Anatomy is about to get very real, we can't help but feel excited to see them unfold.And honestly, it's about damn time. Don't you agree?

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