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Grey's Anatomy Season 14, Episode 3 (14x03) recap! What happened in 'Go Big Or Go Home'?

What Happened In Last Night's Episode Of Grey's Anatomy Season 14: 'Go Big Or Go Home'?

After the fantastic Season 14 premiere, the bar has been set high for Grey's Anatomy Season 14. In episode 3, titled "Go Big Or Go Home," Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) tries to cope with her brain tumor, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) deals with her relationship with Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson), and Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) had a hell of a time with Harper Avery (Chelcie Ross), Jackson Avery's (Jesse Williams) grandfather. So, yes. A lot happened in this episode of Grey's and yes we did shed a tear or two. Here is our Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 3 highlight recap!

Amelia Shepherd Has Been Acting Crazy Because Of Her Tumor

So, turns out Amelia has been crazy all these years because of her tumor. As her former professor, Tom Koracick (Greg Germann), put it, she was not and had not been stable for a very long time. Does this excuse all of Amelia's behavior we have seen in the past? How long does this go back? Back to Private Practice days or even further? While we don't know the answer to that one, we might see a very different Amelia Shepherd if and when she is healed.

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Plus Amelia Finally Came Clean About Her Tumor

In one of the more heartbreaking scenes, Amelia finally told Meredith, Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary), and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) the truth about her tumor. Well, she was able to tell Maggie and Owen. Amelia didn't have the heart to tell Meredith herself.

"She's been telling me I'm crazy for years," Amelia said, "and this kind of makes her right and I hate that."

At the end of the episode, the three stood by Amelia as she underwent tests. And yes, we are tearing up just thinking about it.

Miranda Bailey Was Fired...

Harper Avery made a quick visit to Grey Sloan Memorial and he totally shook Bailey's world. He threatened to cut the hospital's funding, but Bailey refuted with every reason why he shouldn't. Unfortunately, it didn't go down as well as we had expected.

"The hospital can keep its funding," Harper said. "But you're fired."

We. Were. PISSED. But, it didn't last long...

Until Harper Avery Freaking Died

YUP. Bailey and Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) left the room to talk strategy on what to do next. Honestly. You can't just fire Miranda Bailey.

When the pair returned, they found Harper dead on the table in one of the only gratifying deaths Grey's Anatomy has seen to date. Who didn't let out a sigh of relief and a little giggle when Harper just died? Karma is served.

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Meredith Grey Gave Dating Advice To Nathan Riggs

Mature Meredith is at it again, but we're not so sure that we're here for it this time. Meredith was livid at Nathan for blowing his chance with Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer) because he was actually in love with Meredith. However, it was clear that she was angry because Riggs got a chance that she would never get with her deceased husband, Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey).

"You got a gift that I will never get and you're wasting it," Meredith said to Nathan. "Show her that you love her. Remind her of why she fell in love with you."

There are so many layers there that it hurts. On one hand, it's absolutely heartwrenching that she feels this way. She would pounce on the chance to see Derek again in a heartbeat, but she can't. We understand that she's furious at Nathan because she would never get this chance. To be honest, we're a little upset too, considering we got Megan to return rather than Derek, but that's beside the point.

But the thing is, this is how it is. Sure, Megan came back. But, Nathan is in love with Meredith, not Megan. So, why is Meredith hesitating? Is she really just jealous now? Or could she possibly feel guilty because she would do the same if Derek came back?

Alex Karev Is Going Home

After kissing in the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere, it looked like Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) and Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) would be taking it a little slow. However, in last night's episode, they're definitely back and stronger than ever.

Jo and Alex not only had a classic elevator hookup, but after operating on a boy who hurt himself trying to ask a girl to Homecoming, Jo decided to do the same by waiting outside Grey Sloan with a sign that said "Homecoming."

"I'm asking you to come back home," Jo said. And just like that, JoLex lives!

What was your favorite part of the episode, Grey's Anatomy fans? Do you think Meredith feels guilty or jealous of Riggs? Are you happy that JoLex is back together? Do you think that Amelia will survive her tumor? Let us know in the comments!

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