Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Premiere Clip: Arizona On Minnick & Stephanie...

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Will will NOT believe what this Grey's Anatomy Season 14 sneak peek reveals.

SPOILER ALERT: If you do not want any spoilers from the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere, do not read on.

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 is almost here, Grey's fans! Can you believe it? While we're over here panicking, and left wondering what's to come in Grey's Anatomy Season 14, ABC has been releasing a few sneak peek spoiler clips for the premiere. What's going to happen to Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and the rest of our favorite doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial in the new season? This clip basically reveals all! So, what does this Grey's Anatomy Season 14 sneak peek clip spoil? Watch the video to find out!

Now, let's break it down!

Miranda Bailey Breaks Down The Damages That Happened To Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

The Season 14 video clip starts off with Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) getting the attention of the Grey Sloan Memorial staff.

"I want to thank you all for keeping your heads through the events of last night," Bailey said. "Thanks to you there were very minimal injuries and the firefighters were able to contain the blaze quickly. There was some damage, however, that will need to be repaired. The neuro ICU, the Cath lab, and pulmonary clinics..."

Her speech gets cut off as the clip skips to another conversation, but wow that's a lot of damage.

Jackson Avery And Maggie Pierce Make Eyes

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

During Bailey's speech, the camera jumps from Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) smirking at someone, back to Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) seemingly noticing Jackson's stare, and then back to Jackson looking confused. The moment was quick but incredibly awkward. We definitely don't blame either of them, considering that April Kepner (Sarah Drew) told Maggie that Jackson probably had feelings for her in the Season 13 finale.

Arizona Robbins Doesn't Know What To Do With Eliza Minnick

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Next, the clip shows a conversation between Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) and April regarding Eliza Minnick's (Marika DomiƄczyk) new employment status. But, it doesn't look like Arizona is too heartbroken, seeing as she simply seems impatient about talking to Minnick and how much space should be given. Will we see this couple break up? We're dying to see.

Stephanie Edwards Has Left The Hospital For Good

Looks like we aren't going to see Stephanie Edwards' (Jerrika Hinton) exit in Grey's Anatomy Season 14. In the clip, Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) walks up to Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and tells him that Edwards was transferred to a burn center in Texas. While we were happy with her exit in the Season 13 finale, we're a little upset we didn't get to see her say goodbye to Jo or Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone).

Megan Hunt Has Arrived At Grey Sloan

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) returns and tells Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) that Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer) is in the house. Owen then requests that he and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) have some time off.

However, it is Amelia that has our attention in this scene. As soon as Owen reveals that Megan is getting a CT scan with Riggs, Amelia looks panicked and walks off, while Richard remains calm as usual. This makes us think that something important happened to Amelia in regards to CT. We wonder if the "difficult situation" and secret that Amelia has is a brain tumor of her own.

The Hospital Is STILL Not Safe

The clip finishes off with Bailey stating that the hospital is still unstable. As soon as she stops speaking, shelves on the hospital wall completely collapse as workers let out a scream. WOW.

Are you ready for the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere??

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 returns to ABC on September 28 at 8|7c!

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