10 Times Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Midseason Premiere Gave Us The Feels


Here are all of our thoughts and recap on the Grey's Anatomy season 14 midseason finale!

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Was it everything you thought it would be, Grey's Anatomy fans? The Grey's Anatomy season 14 midseason premiere aired tonight and we are still in a glass case of emotion. Our hearts were completely torn out of our chests by Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) and we are absolutely livid about Paul Stadler's (Matthew Morrison) smugness throughout the entire episode. The Grey's midseason premiere was certainly something. Did Shonda and Krista bring the thunder? We certainly think so! So, without further adieu, here is every moment that the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 midseason premiere gave us the feels.

1. When Jenny Showed Up

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We all knew that Bethany Joy Lenz was coming to Grey's Anatomy, but finding out that she was Paul's new fiance was an entirely different ballpark. Fiance? To abusive Paul? Where the hell is Nathan Scott, Haley James Scott?!

2. When Arizona And Webber Praised Paul


This shook us to our core. After everything that's happened with the #MeToo movement and the Harvey Weinstein scandal, we don't think that showrunner Shonda Rhimes made Paul a man of importance and power by mistake. When Arizona and Richard fawned over the "great" Paul Stadler right in front of Jo, our hearts dropped.

3. Anytime Paul Opened His Mouth


Sorry I couldn't think of something more clever. I was too busy throwing up from all of Paul's bullshit. Pardon my French, but come on! It's clear that he's a master manipulator and knew exactly what he was doing when he spoke to Meredith and the way he spoke to Jo. With lines like "We'll catch up. I'll find you" and, "I think I'll hang onto it so I'll know where to find you," I honestly want to shed off a layer of my skin just to be rid of it. Disgusting man.

4. When Alex Saw Paul For The First Time

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Did anyone else think that Alex was going to dive at Paul when he noticed he was scrubbing in? Did your heart race when you thought that Alex was about to go to jail again? Yeah, me too.

5. How Much Alex And Meredith Cared And Protected Jo

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

The way Alex had the interns watch Jo to make sure she wasn't alone with Paul was boyfriend #GOALS. And the way that Meredith stepped in to be there for Jo was honestly everything. The support our favorite original interns had for Jo was admirable.

6. When Meredith Said, "You are Jo Wilson, I know exactly who you are."

On that note, this scene was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. I'm getting a little teary-eyed just thinking about it. Meredith Grey is the best friend we all need.

7. When Grey's Introduced Their First Recurring Trans Character

Yes. Everything about tonight's episode of a Grey's was a win. Representation matters, especially in today's media. Not only did the new intern, Casey Parker (Alex Blue Davis) come out as a proud trans man, he was the badass that saved the hospital from the hacker. Thank you for your service, Dr. Parker.

8. When Jackson And Maggie Were In The Locker Room

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Okay, I'm finally coming around to Jaggie. Kind of. It's still weird, but they were kind of cute at the end, right? And that locker room scene. Phew. But, maybe I was just in awe of Jackson's abs. I can't tell.

9. When Jo Told Paul, "You Don't Deserve Anything. You're A Monster."

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From the start of the episode to when she stood up to Paul to the final moments of the episode, Jo was everything and more. She was so strong. She spoke up for herself. She tried to protect Jenny, too. Jo is a FREAKING warrior queen. I dare you to tell me otherwise.


Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Did you scream? Because I did. Not going to lie, I felt a little relieved when I saw that Paul might be gone for good, but as soon as Meredith said, "What did you do?" MY. JAW. DROPPED. No. Who was it? Why do you have to leave us hanging, Shonda?

But, if you stuck around for the preview for the next episode, you saw that it might have been Alex or Jo. But, was it? The promo for the next episode showed Jenny telling Jo, "I didn't tell them it was you." Is this a joke? Did Alex and Jo really run Paul over? Or do you think that Jenny trying to frame them? What's going on? We need to know!!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

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