14 Feelings Every Grey’s Anatomy Fan Will Face Before The Season 14 Premiere


Grey's Anatomy Season 14 returns in LESS THAN ONE WEEK! Here's how we're feeling! Hint: PANIC.

14 Feelings Every Grey's Anatomy Fan Will Face Before The Season 14 Premiere

The Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere will be here soon and to be honest, we've been filled with so many mixed emotions, as any true Grey's Anatomy fan would! With Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and the rest of the Grey Sloan Memorial doctors just barely keeping it together in the Season 13 finale and tons of drama coming in the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere, it's totally normal! So, join us as we dive into our emotions leading up to the premiere date. Here are 14 feelings every fan will face before the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere!

1. You Will Be Complete And Utter Shock


Is it Season 14 already? Didn't we just say goodbye to George? When did this happen? Have we been watching Grey's Anatomy for 12 years? What?

2. And Total Relief


Praise! The Grey's Anatomy drought is finally over! We don't have to keep rewatching old reruns on Netflix! We can look forward to new episodes!

3. Which Leads You To Pure Bliss

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Happiness is new episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Obviously, we have our priorities in order.

4. You'll Feel Excitement Like No Other

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

You're getting a little giddy reading this, aren't you? We definitely are! We're so ready for Grey's to come out that we're totally dancing it out in preparation!

5. You'll Be SUPER Eager For The Show To Start

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

The anticipation is killing us! We just want to get our hands on a new episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 14.

6. But You'll Be A Little Annoyed That The Premiere Hasn't Happened Yet


But when we say we want a new episode, we want it now. C'mon, ABC! Can't you give us the whole episode? Or the whole season while you're at it?

7. And Upset That You Can't Just Binge Watch Season 14 On Netflix ASAP

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Speaking of, one does not simply watch one episode of Grey's Anatomy. It's just not done. How many times have we binge-watched Grey's, you ask? Too many.

8. You'll Be Super Nosey For Spoilers


While we aren't obsessing over the premiere, we're digging into every Grey's Season 14 spoiler and fan theory possible. And they are crazy.

9. But When You Find Them, You'll Be Terrified


But, be careful what you wish for. Sometimes Grey's spoilers tell you things that you didn't want to know, like the #Jaggie spoiler. Yeah, that's something we could have lived without.

10. And You'll Start To Freak Out. A LOT.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

When you're so far down the rabbit hole, your mind will go 10 steps ahead. It's honestly brutal thinking that someone on Grey's will die soon, seeing as we haven't had a major character death in a while. Stephanie got off unscathed, so who knows who's next?!

11. You'll Drag Your Person Into It And You Feel Calm For 2 Seconds

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

When you can't panic by yourself anymore, you turn to your person for help. They totally know how to calm your Grey's premiere jitters. For a few moments, at least.

12. But Then You'll BOTH Panic

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Eventually, you both spiral into an even deeper panic, since they probably have their own theories on who might leave or die! But, at least you have power in numbers, right?

13. And Finally You Suck It Up

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Breathe, just breathe. If Meredith Grey can get through it, so can you! Tough it out, girl!

14. So You're O.K. Because NOTHING Can Prepare You For A Grey's Premiere

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Let's be honest, nothing can really prepare you for a Grey's Anatomy premiere. With Shonda Rhimes being, well, Shonda Rhimes, you know it's going to be big. So, might as well enjoy the ride!

How do you feel about the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 returns to ABC on September 28 at 8|7c!

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